The Special Envoy to World Health Organisation (WHO) and Director-General on Convid-19, Dr. David Nabarro has recommended a COVID-Ready society in which people will learn to live with the virus instead of unending lockdown as a preventive measure having produced no vaccines or cure for the virus.

Nabarro made the statement through his Twitter account stating that unending lockdown may do more harm than good as a result of its effects to people and economies of nations at large.

“This virus is going to be with us for the foreseeable future and nobody wants to go having lockdowns as we have at the moment”

“Covid-19 tracing, containment and neighbourhood health watch will be necessary even once the present wave of outbreaks is gone.

“We have all got to learn to live with this virus, to do our business with this virus in our presence, to have social relations with this virus in our presence and not to be continuously having to be in lockdown because of the widespread infections that can occur”, Nabarro stated.

According to him, establishing a COVIDready state requires the full and willing participation of people, a high level of organization within communities, public health services as well as COVID-Ready hospitals and other health care units.



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