African Americans More Likely To Die From Coronavirus Illness, Early Data Shows

Update on CoronaVirus Pandemic – Monday 27th April, 2020

  • England death toll rises by 329 to 18,749.
  • Italy’s death toll rises by 333 to26,977, but new cases lowest since March 10.
  • France’s total death toll rises by 437 new fatalities to 23,293.
  • 331 new coronavirus deaths in Spain, raising death toll to 23,521
  • 96 new coronavirus deaths in Iran, raising death toll to 5,806
  • Coronavirus: Nigeria desperately looking for test kits, says NCDC
  • Number of worldwide coronavirus cases reaches three million
  • Updated list of coronavirus symptoms:

– Fever- Cough- Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing- Headache- Muscle pain- Chills- Sore throat- New loss of taste or smell- Repeated shaking with chills. 

  • Iran plans to reopen mosques in areas free of coronavirus.
  • Oil-rich Gulf nations may turn to asset sales to complement an almost $50 billion debt spree to support economies rocked by the coronavirus pandemic and the collapse in crude prices, according to Citigroup
  • Public trust plummets in Britain’s handling of #coronavirus pandemic, new @ObserverUK poll reveals
  • #COVID19: First U.S. case traced back to early Dec. 2019
  • For first time in 37 days, Iran reports less than 1,000 new coronavirus cases.
  • Hong Kong Int’l Airport is the world’s 1st airport to use a full-body disinfection channel, an enclosed facility similar to a telephone booth in size where users can complete disinfection and sanitizing procedures in 40 seconds
  • Nigeria: Ondo joins Oyo, rejects Buhari govt’s expired rice
  • Senegal developed one of the world’s most affordable Coronavirus testing kits, which costs $1 each, $60 3D printed ventilators.Senegal has one of the highest Coronavirus recovery rates in the world. 283 of its 671 Coronavirus patients have recovered.
  • UNITED KINGDOM: Prime Minister Boris Johnson has returned to Downing Street
  • VIDEO: Anger As Nigerian Government Distributes Spoilt Rice As Palliative To Residents
  • Nigeria: 5 Almajiris Repartriated To Kaduna From Kano Test Positive For COVID-19
  • Someone said:

“Nigerian leaders/politicians are tired of Covid-19. They didn’t run for office to be doing crisis management and thinking so much. They just want to steal money and travel.”

  • Wuhan, Epicenter of COVID-19 pandemic, says it has no patients in hospitals
  • WATCH | Senegal, other African countries leave Nigeria behind in fight against Coronavirus

Please watch full video report on YouTube

  • Coronavirus kills 151 Italian doctors
  • The coronavirus appears to linger in the air in crowded spaces or rooms that lack ventilation, a new study shows
  • #NativeAmericans left out of US #coronavirus data, labelled as ‘other’


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