By Muhammad Al-Ghazali  The late president was viewed as a ‘hardliner’ in the West. It is a term they use to distinguish between patriotic leaders of nations and compliant simpletons in the mould of Mobutu ever willing to do the bidding of their Western oppressors. World history teaches us thatContinue Reading

By Ahmad Shuaibu Isa Talking of selfless services from those with responsibilities simply means involvement in prioritizing the well-being and development of people, community or country over personal gain. This approach to leadership is often characterized by several key attributes that one can view through the lenses of empathy andContinue Reading

By Serges Kamga, Dean, Faculty of Law, University of the Free State, South Africa As Toyin Falola temporarily relocates to East and South Africa in the summer, giving lectures in Kenya, South Africa, Lesotho, Malawi, and Botswana, he moves into what one can describe as “the orbit of intellectual comparison.”Continue Reading

By Mahfuz Mundadu In the contemporary arena of international affairs, the lexicon of statecraft is often spoken in the dialect of military prowess and deterrence. Nations, wielding the arsenal of advanced technologies such as drones, cruise missiles, and intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), engage in a nuanced discourse of power projectionContinue Reading

By Mahfuz Mundadu Trouble de sleep, Yanga go wake am up. In a decisive move, Iran launched a meticulously orchestrated counterattack against the satanic criminal enterprise of Zionism, marking a significant turn in the ongoing regional tensions. Last night’s operation saw the targeting and striking of two crucial airbases inContinue Reading

By Toyin Falola In 1987, I received one of the highest privileges of my career in the 1980s when I was invited to give the Convocation Lecture at the College of Education, Sokoto, later renamed as the Shehu Shagari College of Education. I spoke on the leadership values as providedContinue Reading