By Abdulgaffar Amoka The result of the recently concluded congregation’s elections in ABU was breaking news for Education Monitor. I was unaware of the election’s outcome until I came across the publication. It came with a captivating headline; ABU ASUU Influence Wanes, As SSANU Beats Union at Congregation Election toContinue Reading

By Yusuf Alhaji Lawan It was in the year 2009, on a fateful Friday, I had a reason to visit my mentor in his office, who was a lecturer with a Federal College of Education (Technical). After I was done with the business of the day, he gave me aContinue Reading

By Mahfouz Mundadu   In the annals of democratic societies, the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms is crucial to preserving the essence of a fair and just system. Among these fundamental rights, freedom of religion, conscience, and association stand as pillars upon which democratic societies are built. However, itContinue Reading

Nigeria, a cosmopolitan country with vaults of resources is populated by many politicians, judges and elites who are responsible for its poor management. This set of people have been controlling the electoral processes for quite a long period of time, thereby transforming the seats of leadership to their ‘personal property’.Continue Reading

From last edition as a woman rights activist, what challenges do you face in Benin? In West Africa, and Benin in particular, there are significant challenges in facilitating the participation of women in the political process and having them represented in spheres of decision-making and power. Additionally, ending violence againstContinue Reading