Update on CoronaVirus Pandemic – 11th April, 2020

• US records over 2,100 coronavirus deaths in a single day, the highest daily fatality count of any country during the pandemic.

• Iran reports 1,837 new cases of coronavirus and 125 new deaths.
A total of 70,029 cases and 4,357 deaths.

• Portugal reports 515 new cases of coronavirus and 35 new deaths.
A total of 15,987 cases and 470 deaths.

• UK reports 5,233 new cases of coronavirus and 917 new deaths.
A total of 78,991 cases and 9,875 deaths.

• Spain’s overnight coronavirus death toll at 510, lowest in 19 days

• Number of confirmed deaths from coronavirus reached 100,000 worldwide.

•  TURKEY sent medical supplies to “Israel” to help them with covid19 and it reached the Tel Aviv airport

• Bodies of coronavirus victims not infectious — WHO

• About 300 inmates at #Chicago jail test positive for #coronavirus

• An American activist:
Over 18,000 deaths in the US and almost half a million confirmed cases. And it’s all undercounted.

• “Capitalism is the virus. The world will never be the same again.”
– George Galloway

• India’s Hindu nationalists accused of inciting hatred by claiming #Muslims are spreading #coronavirus

• India orders cutting down of thousands of poplar trees in disputed Kashmir to fight coronavirus baffling experts and farmers there.

• Coronavirus cases, worldwide.

10th of February: 43,000

10th of March: 119,000

10th of April: 1,706,000

• Coronavirus deaths in Middle East

Iran: 4,232
Turkey: 1,006
Egypt: 135
Iraq: 70
Saudi Arabia: 47
Lebanon: 20
UAE: 16
Jordan: 7
Qatar: 6
Bahrain: 6
Oman: 3
Palestinian Territories: 2
Kuwait: 1

• Pope leads ‘Way of the Cross’ in empty St. Peter’s Square

• COVID-19: Coronavirus now in 18 states as Nigeria crosses 300 cases

• Afghanistan lauds Iran’s treatment of Afghan COVID-19 patients

• Most coronavirus deaths.

Italy: 18,849
US: 18,761
Spain: 16,353
France: 13,197
UK: 8,958
Iran: 4,232
Belgium: 3,346
China: 3,339
Germany: 2,736
Netherlands: 2,511
Brazil: 1,074
Switzerland: 1,013
Turkey: 1,006
Sweden: 870
Canada: 569
Portugal: 435
Austria: 337
Indonesia: 327

• Hospital workers in Stockholm are getting 220% of their usual pay. hospital workers in the UK are getting a minute’s applause and coronavirus

• Iraqi Sources: Over 20 US Soldiers in Ein Al-Assad Base Infected with Coronavirus

• ‘If you’re black you can’t go out’: Africans in China face racism in Covid-19 crackdown.

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