African Americans More Likely To Die From Coronavirus Illness, Early Data Shows

Update on CoronaVirus Pandemic – Wednesday 15th April, 2020

• U.S. reports 26,540 new cases of coronavirus and 2,384 new deaths.
Total: 608,458 cases and 25,992 deaths.

• France reports 4,560 new cases of coronavirus and 1,438 new deaths.
(incl. newly linked non-hospital deaths)
Total of 147,863 cases and 17,167 deaths.

• Belgium reports 2,454 new cases of coronavirus, 33,573 cases in total.
Belgium’s largest daily increase so far.

• Italy reports 2,667 new cases of coronavirus and 578 new deaths.
Total of 165,155 cases and 21,645 deaths.

• UK reports 4,605 new cases of coronavirus and 761 new deaths.
Total of 98,476 cases and 12,868 deaths.

• #COVID19Nigeria
Nigeria’s coronavirus cases now 373, death toll hits 11

• New York City revises coronavirus death toll to 10,367 with the addition of 3,700 probable deaths, the city health department says

• #Iran’s Health Ministry spokesman: Total #CoronaVirus cases in Iran are now 76,389 number of deaths 4,777. New infections as of yesterday is 1512 and 94 deaths in past 24 hrs. 49,933 have recovered from #COVID19, and 3643 are in critical condition.

• Number of confirmed coronavirus cases has reached 2,000,000 worldwide.

• Trump turns against WHO to mask his own stark failings on Covid-19 crisis

• Refusing to treat elderly or disabled Corona patients is a result of the domination of capitalism

• 4 million masks a day factory opened in sanctioned-hit #Iran while US, UK and Europe struggle to provide #PPE to healthcare staff let alone citizens during #coronavirusuk

• Ghana becomes the 2nd African country to do 40,000 Covid-19 tests. Ghana is producing its own face masks, gloves, scrubs, hospital gowns & head gears.

• The British government released data revealing that the death toll from the virus could be at least 10% higher than the official toll because that number does not take into account people who die in nursing homes or in their own residences

• 17 million Americans have lost their jobs.
Millions can’t pay rent, afford food, and are sinking into debt.

• With 2,400 #COVID19 deaths yesterday the #USA is the only large country with increasing numbers of #COVID19 deaths per day. The others like Italy, Spain, France and even the UK are past their peak in daily deaths.

• The reluctance of #Sweden to take protective measures against #COVID19 has led to the highest death rate in the Scandinavian countries. Sweden now has 102 deaths per million, compared to Norway on 26, Denmark on 52 and Finland on 12 –

• IRGC Supplying 3.5mln Iranian Families with Emergency COVID-19 Relief Packages

• New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern and her ministers take 20% pay cuts for next 6 months due to coronavirus impact.

• Gaza has a population of over 2 million — israel allowed FIVE testing kits through its illegally blockaded border; I’ll just repeat that: FIVE

• African Countries That Have Done The Most Coronavirus Tests

1. South Africa (83,663)

2. Ghana (44,421)

3. Egypt (25,000)

4. Tunisia (11,825)

5. Morocco (9,609)

6. Kenya (8,123)

7. Mauritius (7,077)

8. Rwanda (6,237)

9. Uganda (5,025)

10. Nigeria (5,000+).

• Video: “The only thing that means something during this pandemic is money.”

This woman from New York lost her sister to #COVID19 because they wouldn’t test her and she asks why the rich can get tested, but the poor can’t.

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