Update On Coronavirus Pandemic – Friday 10th April, 2020

• UK reports 4,344 new cases of coronavirus and 881 new deaths.
A total of 65,077 cases and 7,978 deaths.

• Netherlands reports 1,335 new cases of coronavirus and 115 new deaths.
A total of 23,097 cases and 2,511 deaths.

• Saudi Arabia reports 364 new cases of coronavirus, 3,651 cases in total.
Saudi Arabia’s largest daily increase so far.

• China reports one new coronavirus death and 42 new cases

• Iran reports 1,972 new cases of coronavirus and 122 new deaths.
A total of 68,192 cases and 4,232 deaths.

• New York City reports 7,521 new cases of coronavirus and 518 new deaths.
A total of 87,725 cases and 4,778 deaths.

• Germany reports 5,255 new cases of coronavirus and 336 new deaths.
A total of 118,036 cases and 2,582 deaths.

• 496 new coronavirus deaths in Belgium, raising death toll to 3,019

• Spain reports 5,002 new cases of coronavirus and 655 new deaths.
Total of 153,222 cases and 15,447 deaths.

• France reports 4,799 new cases of coronavirus and 1,341 new deaths.
Total of 117,749 cases and 12,210 deaths.

• Nigeria: As at 09:30 pm 9th April, there are

288 confirmed coronavirus cases
51 discharged
7 deaths

Lagos- 158
FCT- 54
Osun- 20
Edo- 12
Oyo- 11
Bauchi- 6
Akwa Ibom- 5
Ogun- 4
Kaduna- 5
Enugu- 2
Ekiti- 2
Kwara- 2
Delta- 2
Benue- 1
Ondo- 1

• 7,000+ people have died of coronavirus in New York. A state of 19 million people. Those numbers are likely low, with so many deaths uncounted.

• Most coronavirus deaths.

Italy: 18,279
US: 16,374
Spain: 15,238
France: 12,210
UK: 7,978
Iran: 4,110
China: 3,335
Belgium: 2,523
Germany: 2,451
Netherlands: 2,396
Switzerland: 948
Brazil: 941
Turkey: 908
Sweden: 793
Canada: 504
Portugal: 409
Austria: 295

World: 94,950

• 13 Nigerians Die Of Coronavirus In US, UK

• Yemen reports first case of coronavirus

• UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is out of intensive care.

• Italian Prime Minister warns the EU could collapse if it fails to help countries that were hardest-hit by coronavirus

• The US has struck again, robbing the Cayman Islands of ventilators and masks that were being shipped to the country according to Premier Alden McLaughlin.
Barbados was the first Caribbean country to suffer this fate. Canada, Germany and France have all had the same complaint.
Blocking medical aid is one of the cruelest forms of evil

• UK: “The strain on our National Health Service during the Covid-19 outbreak has been a striking example of how capitalism is, and has always been, a bloodsucking leech” | Malia Bouattia

• Germany sees another steep rise in the number of coronavirus infections with 4,974 new cases and 246 deaths

• Russian companies switch to ‘Four-Day Work Weeks’ rather than lay-offs

• New York with 19 million population Has More Coronavirus Cases Than Any Country in the World

• “I never knew Nigeria’s healthcare infrastructure was in such a bad state” – SGF

• 50 positive cases of #COVID19 on French aircraft carrier, official confirmed

• Up to 150 Saudi Royals Infected With Coronavirus: Report  by  David Brennan in Newsweek

• Africa faces ‘critical shortage’ of virus-fighting facilities —WHO

• Latest count of confirmed #COVID19 cases at 1000 GMT, April 10: Johns Hopkins University

US: 466,299
Spain: 153,222
Italy: 143,626
France: 118,785
Germany:  118,235
China: 83,304
Iran: 66,220
Britain: 65,872
Turkey: 42,282
Belgium: 24,983

• Medical experts are warning that vaping and smoking of tobacco or marijuana can put you at further risk for Covid-19 – New York Times

• Video emerges showing bodies being buried in a mass grave in #NewYork amid #coronavirus crisis

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