By Samson Yaki

Scandals surrounding the Vice Chancellor of Federal University Lokoja, Professor Angela Miri Freeman, have continued to unfold, thereby taking new dimensions. Investigations by Education Monitor has revealed

One of such scandals is the one that led to her recent invitation to the palace of EFCC. She was invited on the allegations that she bought an official residence of the Vice Chancellor in Lokoja at the cost of N200m, but which she however claimed that she bought the house for N95m.

Investigations by Education Monitor further revealed that the house was actually bought for N35m.

In another development, Professor Miri was also enmeshed in another scandal of using the University’s funds to singlehandedly acquire a house meant for herself, but decided to, in the interim, name it university’s Liaison Office in Abuja, with the view to later release it to the University on rent as her personal Office.

Our investigations further revealed that the Vice Chancellor whose tenure will be expiring by February went ahead to commit another scandal by employing and Illegally Promoting her daughter Inlaw who she appointed as the Liaison Officer, a position which is supposed to be held by a Senior Staff.

Education Monitor also revealed that Professor Angela, in order to perpetuate her nefarious activities, influenced the appointment of less qualified Bursar and Chief Librarian.

According to our source, “The person that was given the appointment of Bursar was not qualified, because, “The adverts said that the person to be employed as Bursar must be a deputy Bursar but the candidate that emerged is a Chief Accountant from Nasarawa state University, Keffi”

Education Monitor learnt that even while drafting the adverts, the VC hijacked the whole process.

Both the applications for the Bursar and the librarian were submitted to her office. This she did because she had a hidden agenda and person who emerged as the successful candidate was the hidden agenda.

Our investigations also gathered that it was the University’s former librarian that suggested to the Vice Chancellor that the Accountant, if made Bursar, is the only one that can cover her ass when she is gone. So, he was shortlisted against the specifications of the adverts; and it appeared as if he was given the interview questions before hand and was scored high. But later on investigation revealed he was not supposed to be shortlisted in the first place, because he was not qualified”, Education Monitor uncovered.

“The librarian too was not qualified. She was a principal librarian not deputy librarian as specified by the adverts.

“But some people have petitioned against the whole process, a court order has been issued and the Council Chairman has promised to reply the Court order.

“Even the University’s Liaison Office in Abuja was her personal building that she bought. When her money was not complete to make the payment, she asked the estate management to lease it to the University as Liaison Office, from which she used to complete the payment.

“She later employed her daughter inlaw as the Liaison Officer who was a staff with the estate agent and her prospective Daughter-in- law. She just finished her NYSC with no experience and she employed her as Assistant Registrar instead of administrative officer. There are other atrocities of the VC that are unimaginable”, our source concluded.

The Vice Chancellor, who is approaching the end of her tenure as VC of the University, might not be having good time for her career at the moment.
For the wise one, better the end of a matter than its beginning thereof, but for Professor Angela Miri, the end might be a worse of time in the matter.

“It has swollen up and about to burst with odour”, as our source added with conclusive finality.

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