By Samson Yaki

Adamawa State Governor, Alhaji Ahmad Fintiri has vehemently descended on a Kaduna-based Journalist with threats of dead if he, again, writes anything in favour or against him.

Fintiri, who spoke in a telephone conversation with the Journalist, threatened to kill him if he ever mentions him in any of his write ups again.
The Governor went agog, questioning the Journalist’s flare for writing and the whereabouts of his writing dexterity when Governor El-Rufai presented a Muslim-Muslim gubernatorial ticket in Kaduna.
“Walahi if you ever write anything about Fintiri again whether good or bad I will slaughter you. I will deal with you personally and physically.

“Wait let me ask you? As an indegene of Kaduna state,when El-Rufai brought Muslim – Muslim ticket what did you write? Sincerely I will deal with you if you write about me again”, Fintiri added.

Earlier in their conversation, the Journalist was on the soft side trying to tame the angry Governor, but later let loose the flood gates of emosions, telling the Governor to do the worse he can do, which is no other thing than sending him to jail, knowing full well the characteristic impunity of those at corridors of power.

He told the Governor to tell him his location so that he can present himself for the Governor to slaughter.

Indeed, as Thomas Jefferson said that “the freedom of the press is the first shut up for those who have something to hide, or who fear the investigation of their actions”, if not so, why the unending clampdown on Journalists at the slightest twist of event.
Recently it was Femi Fani Kayode and now it is Fintiri. Political office holders should know that Journalism is a noble profession that ought to be respected.

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