Federal Government’s attempt to take us off the streets from where we have been peacefully protesting to press  for different kinds of pro-people reforms in the country, by reopening all tertiary institutions, will not stop us from continuing our protests until when our demands were met.

Scores of Students of different institutions interviewed by Education Monitor across the country who were actively engaged in the protests before it was later attacked by government forces, on realizing that the protests were gaining momentum within the country and in different parts of the world, all concurred that even with the reopening of Institutions, the protests will continue in all various Institutions of the country during weekends and lecture-free hours or whenever the need to do so arose.

The Youth’s demands which started by call to scrap Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), now includes demands for institutional reforms, cost of governance, constitutional reforms, education reforms, health reforms, youth development and Public office reforms.

SARS Personnel are notorious for their inhuman and savage treatment of  suspects or innocent citizens arrested during peaceful gatherings, a development that prompted and fueled the #EndSARS Protests in different towns and cities of Nigeria and in the diaspora.

One of the students revealed to Education Monitor that already, timetable for #EndSARS campus protests have been drawn in preparation for the re-opening of our institutions.

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