• Prepare To Be Chair, Emirate’s Kingmakers – Emir

• Ambassador’s Appointment, Best Choice For Emirate – Ex- Gov Adamu Muazu

By Waziri Isa Adam

The Emir of Ningi in Bauchi State, His Royal Highness Alhaji Yunusa Muhammadu Danyaya, has urged the newly turbaned Waziri of Ningi IV, Ambassador Shuaibu Ahmed Adamu, who was at one time Nigeria’s Ambassador in Qatar, to brace up for the herculean challenge of the office which include chairing the committee of Kingmakers of the Emirate.

The Emir who gave the charge while admonishing the new Wazirin Ningi IV shortly after his coronation in his Palace in Ningi today (30/9/2023), said the selection and appointment of Ambassador Shuaibu as Wazirin Ningi was one of the most widely accepted by the entire members of the Emirate Council in recent time. The Mai Ningi also extolled the exemplary virtues of the new Waziri which he said he inherited from his late father – Ma’ajin Ningi, Alhaji Ahmed Adamu, who the Emir said was an epitome of honesty, accountability and transperancy.

“As an experienced administrator, civil servant, a tested and trusted politician with a difference”, the Emir expressed hope that the new Waziri will bring his vast knowledge and wealth of experience to bear on the Emirate in particular, and the state in general.

In his Vote of Thanks, on behalf of the Wazirin Ningi, his family, friends and well-wishers who trooped to the ancient city of Ningi from different parts of the country to show solidary for the Waziri, former governor of the state, Alhaji Ahmed Adamu Muazu described the Ambassador’s choice as one of the best in the Emirate.

The former governor congratulated both the Emir and people of the Emirate for having a man of impeccable character like Ambassador Shuaibu as the new Waziri of Ningi. He assured the Emir that he will find the new Wazirin Ningi, who served him when he was governor, as a special adviser, commissioner, and later as secretary to the state government, as a very resourceful and ingenious traditional title holder, who is always dedicated to his duties with passion and patriotism.

The coronation ceremony attracted traditional rulers from different Emirates, politicians of different political parties, top government functionaries, and captains of industries. The office of Wazirin Ningi was established during the reign of Sarkin Ningi Abubakar Gajigi who reigned between 1886 – 1890. The first Wazirin Ningi was Malam Ali the son of the Emir. The office of the Wazirin Ningi was a highly exalted office which had tremendous influence in the administration of the Emirate.

Occupants of the office are usually selected based on versatility of Islamic knowledge, track record, community service, exemplary conduct and support to the Emir and the Emirate. After the death of the first Wazirin Ningi, due to his influence and service, it became difficult to fill the vacuum.

The Emirate stayed without Waziri until during the reign of Sarkin Ningi Haruna II when Malam Dauda Dan Akinda was turbaned as the second Waziri, and was in office from 1956 – 1957. 15. The Third Wazirin Ningi was Alhaji Jibrin Danyaya and the Waziri reigned between 1957 – 1961. He was an uncle to Ambassador Shuaibu Ahmed Adamu, who incidentally has taken over from him today, as the Fourth Wazirin Ningi.

Below are some of the pictures of the ceremony:

Sarkin Fadan Zazzau (right) and Jarman Zazzau (left)

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