By Isa Waziri Adam

Like previous years, contingent of christians from different parts of the world who are opposed to injustice, inhumanity and oppression, joined their Shia and Sunni Muslim counterparts in trekking from the holy land of Najaf, where several prophets of God, such as Prophets Adam, Noah, Loot and Hood and other righteous servants of God were buried; to Karbala, where the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) – Imam Husain, was brutally killed by Yazeed bn Muawiyya and buried

The Head of the International Media Centre of the Imam’s Shrine, Mr Haidar M. Almangooshi who revealed this in an exclusive interview with the correspondent of Education Monitor who was among the 120 Journalists invited from all over the world to officially cover the Arba’een commemoration, said every year the shrine plays host to very important christian leaders as people of Faith from different parts of the world who come to identify with the Imam and show solidarity to him.

Mr Al-Mangooshi who regretted that despite being one of the richest in terms of religious history and archeology, some muslim scholars, researchers and christian leaders have not realized why Iraq, which was part of ancient mesopotamia, is a must-visit land.

He said it was in Iraq that the father of humanity – Prophet Adam and the father of Faith – Prophet Ibrahim, Prophet Noah lived and presently lie.



“The history of Karbala, Babylon, Nineveh etc, which are all in Iraq and well known both in the Quran and the Bible and by vast Muslim and Christian historians”, Al-Mangooshi said, urging all people of faith to carry out more research on Iraq – the whole of which is a museum, and to connect with it to benefit or tap from its rich spiritual, historical and archeological knowledge.

The Head of the International Media Center also called on writers, particularly Journalists, who he described as conveyors of hidden truth, news and knowledge, to do their best to resist pressure by their owners and eschew all forms of sentiments to always report activities associated with Imam Husain, especially the arba’een annual commemoration which has today become the most diversed gathering from religious, racial, socioeconomic and linguistic points of view recorded in human history.

The annual Arba’een of Imam Husain has also become unique, as it has today become the only known longest voluntary walk undertaken by millions of people to commemorate the unjust killing of any personality known in human history.

It constitutes the largest number of volunteer workers, the most international gathering in the world, with the largest voluntary food offering festival – all for the love of the grandson of the Prophet.

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