The Kremlin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov has dismissed as “lies” claims by Ukraine that mass graves have been found near the city of Izyum after the withdrawal of Russian troops.

“These are lies,” the Kremlin’s spokesman stressed, adding, “Moscow will stand up for the truth in this story.”

Ukrainian officials claim that around 450 bodies have been found in mass graves near Izium after Russian troops left the Kharkiv region, much of which
they had controlled since the first weeks of their military campaign in Ukraine.

Peskov drew an analogy between the recent allegation to those made after the withdrawal of Russian troops from the town of Bucha in April. It was a town outside the capital Kiev. Ukraine claimed at that time that dozens of bodies in civilian clothing were found in the streets after Russian troops left. The Kremlin categorically rejected the Bucha accusation back then.

Lavrov: Ukraine’s Bucha allegations ‘fake attack’ to undermine Russia
The foreign minister of Russia says Ukraine’s allegations on the Bucha incident only seek to undermine Moscow.

Moscow has twice requested an urgent session of the United Nations Security Council over the circumstances in Bucha. Britain, however, has been opposed to the meeting.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has accused Russian troops of committing war crimes in the wake of the discovery of alleged mass graves in forests near Izyum. Ukrainian officials said 99 percent of the exhumed bodies showed signs of ‘violent death.’

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