By Sameer Sanusi Chiroma Yusuf

An age long and close Associate of the newly coronated Emir of Bichi, Alhaji Sani Ibrahim SK has described the Emir, Alhaji Nasir Ado Bayero, as a strong, persevering and a dependable leader who will leave no stone unturned in his efforts to make the Emirate one of the most developed in the country.

Alhaji SK who revealed this in an exclusive interview with PALACE MONITOR in Kano shortly after the coronation ceremony of the Emir as the second Emir of Bichi, congratulated people of the Emirate for getting such a patriotic, focused and result-oriented leader as their Emir.

“We give praise to the Almighty Allah for this historic day, the day that we witnessed the coronation of Alhaji Nasir as a First Class Emir of Bichi and the presentation of his staff of office with all the privileges and the paraphernalia”, Alhaji SK said.

Alhaji SK recalled that Alhaji Nasir’s grandfather was at Bichi, likewise his several uncles and his Germaine brother, the immediate past Emir of Bichi, who is today the Emir of Kano.

Alhaji SK described the day as a day of double celebration – the investiture of the Emir and the wedding ceremony of our daughter, twin events that brought personalities from different parts of the world to Bichi.

“The Emir had lived a very exemplary life. He is such a personality that if you are together with, you remain his for life. He hardly forgets his friends and associates. He is very persevering and very intelligent. Whatever he sets to achieve he pursues it with vigour and certainly gets to achieve it”, SK said about the Emir.

“One hardly understands this till he is closely associated with him. He hardly shows that he is blue blooded in his interactions with people. He lives a very humble life right from his childhood”, he added.

He said It is the Providence of Allah that he and his brother became first class Emirs.

For this reason, therefore, I call on them to persevere and tolerate their subjects. “They have these qualities of their father and they should sustain it, certainly they will get the help of God Almighty”, SK assured .

Their late father Emir Ado Bayero of blessed memory was an embodiment of perseverence, resilience and gentility for that he was endeared to his people. Whoever perseveres will certainly succeed. May Allah be their guide.

My message to the public is that they should pray fervently for them and give them all the necessary assistance and they should not shy away from telling them the truth, because that is what would help them.

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