Buba Galadima, a member of the New Nigeria Peoples Party, praised Lieutenant-General Farouk Yahaya, the Chief of Army Staff, for his impartiality and ensuring a safe environment during the general elections.

Galadima, in a video shared on YouTube by Arise , applauded security agencies for being nonpartisan during the elections. He mentioned that some former chiefs of army staff, along with certain governors, had met with Lt. Gen. Yahaya and tried to persuade him to rig the elections in their favor, but he stood his ground and refused.

Galadima lauded the Inspector-General of Police for exhibiting impartiality, acknowledging that there may be a few corrupt individuals among them, but, on the whole, they had performed admirably. He also praised the military, including the Air Force, Navy, and Army, for their role in ensuring the election was peaceful. Galadima specifically commended the Chief of Army Staff for refusing to give in to the demands of his predecessors and governors who were attempting to alter the electoral outcomes of certain states.

In his words, “I want to commend the military: the Air force, Navy and Army and particularly single out the Chief of Army Staff who stood his ground that despite push from his predecessors: former chiefs of army staff who were carrying some governors to his house and forcing him to change electoral fortunes of certain states, he resisted that one and he played a neutral role by providing security to this election”.

Galadima acknowledged Lt. Gen. Yahaya’s commitment to maintaining a neutral stance and providing security throughout the election, despite the pressure from influential figures who wanted to sway the results. His comments emphasized the significance of impartiality and the role of the military in ensuring free and fair elections.

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