A group of incarcerated Bahraini Shia Muslim clerics has urged Pope Francis to condemn the injustice and repressive policies of the ruling Al Khalifah regime and push for reforms in the Persian Gulf kingdom ahead of his visit early next month.
In a statement, the scholars said in Bahrain “the motto of tolerance and coexistence is raised for everyone except for its own people,” reminding Pope Francis that he is visiting a country “where justice and charity are widely prescribed; but injustice and aggression are practiced in reality.”

“The Bahraini nation constitutes people who have either lost their sons or loved ones, grief-stricken mothers as well as injured, imprisoned, persecuted, and exiled political opponents. International human rights organizations have recorded a long list of violations against Bahraini people,” the statement read.
“Reforms, justice, and human dignity are the common goals of all heavenly messages, and Abrahamic religions categorically rebuff injustice and corruption. These are the goals that the Bahraini nation has long sought to achieve and have made enormous sacrifices for.”

“We expect the head of the Catholic Church to speak the truth and field calls for faith and common sense when he visits Bahrain between November 3 and 6. History shows that Muslims and non-Muslims have co-existed in peace in Bahrain,” the statement noted.
Pope Francis is scheduled to travel to Bahrain within the next few weeks at the invitation of the country’s civil and ecclesial authorities.
Culled from www.presstv.i

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