By Ahmad Shuaibu Isa

During my NYSC period, we discussed the possibility of Africa dominating other continents in a few decades in terms of the economy and other aspects if our younger generation is truly serious. Reflecting on that discussion and looking at my dated picture brought these thoughts to my mind:

Isa during his NYSC

What lies ahead for Africa, and specifically Nigeria, in the face of economic hardship, political instability, devastating insecurity, and a disturbingly self-centred attitude prevalent even among some religious figures.

Despite being a country rich in resources and potential, our people suffer from depression, hunger, and starvation. We live among those who claim to yearn for freedom, religion, and justice, yet practice practical capitalism instead of the religious spirituality and human rights activism they preach.

The ordinary person’s primary focus is on securing their next meal and ensuring their survival. It is disheartening to witness citizens dying due to their inability to pay for medical treatments in hospitals that should be providing free healthcare. While it is important to be aware of global affairs and learn from other countries, we must ask ourselves: What efforts are we making to change our situation at home?

It is crucial to make plans for the future, as the destiny of Africa’s future generations hinges on our actions today. Are we adequately prepared for what lies ahead? Are we willing to leave behind a positive legacy or resign ourselves to a perpetual state of servitude in our own land?

First and foremost, we must initiate a revolution within ourselves, transforming our attitudes and mindsets. It is within our capacity to positively alter the equation.

We need to actively contribute to our own growth and endeavor to uplift others through dedication and sacrifices to propel Africa forward. This requires unwavering commitment, selflessness, and relentless effort.

In essence, the devotion and sacrifices of the people form the lifeblood of a nation’s development. They serve as the pillars upholding the dream of a brighter future, ensuring that the legacy of progress and unity is passed down to future generations.

Ahmad Shuaibu Isa

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