By Yahya Musa Waziri

The Publisher and Group Editor-in-chief of Education Monitor Group of Newspapers, Malam Waziri Isa Adam (Wazirin Gwantu III), has announced the passing of his eldest cousin, Wamban Gwantu II, Alhaji Musa Ali Waziri. He died at the age of 77.

The late Wambai who was the eldest son of Wazirin Gwantu II, Malam Ali Ali Gbongbong, who succeeded his late elder brother, Malam Adamu Waziri Ali Gbongbong, (Wazirin Gwantu I); died yesterday (Wednesday) in his Abuja residence, after a protracted illness, was buried this morning (Thursday) in his country home – Gwantu, headquarters of Sanga local government area of Kaduna state, according to Islamic rites

A respected reservoir of knowledge of Gwantu history and culture, the deceased is survived by his wife, seven children and several grandchildren.

He was among the few remaining prominent voices against injustice in his community and a strong advocate for entrepreneurship and skills acquisition among youths.

Through out his productive years, the Wambai was known and respected by both the elderly and the young in his community for speaking truth to power.

As a successful skilled private business man, and critique of bad governance and injustice in the society, state and the country at large, Wambai was a strong believer and advocate of entrepreneurship and skills acquisition which he always encouraged the youths to adopt as a better alternative to white collar jobs, which he always argued that one day it will be difficult to get, especially by the children of the less privileged in the society.

He was also an advocate of freedom and emancipation of the Gwantu race, which, had for long been sidelined politically, and in terms of educational and infrastructural developments, until the recent appointment of one of Gwantu daughters, Dr Hadiza Balarabe, as deputy governor of Kaduna state, though the Gwantu race remains the most backward, and the town is the most undeveloped in the state, even with her appointment.

Funeral Payer for late Wamban Gwantu, Alhaji Musa Ali Waziri, led by the Chief Imam of Gwantu, Sheikh Uba Abani

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