My exposure of the Vice Chancellor’s maladministration and corruption in a report published in the Education Monitor on September 15, 2021, marked the beginning of my ordeal in the hands of Professor Kabiru Bala. The report, titled “How VC, Kabiru Bala, Targets ABU For Destruction,” detailed his questionable activities, including:

– Acquires N49m Official Car for Self, Devoid of due Process, Even As He Decries Lack of money For Basic Academic Programs
– His Firm, Cronies, Wife, Son, Involved in Scramble for Juicy Contracts?
– Perpetrates Corruption, Shields Benefactors that Squandered N400m
– Flouts University Laws, Abuse Due Process With Impunity
– Applies Selective Justice For Members of Varsity’s Community

This report was what angered the Vice Chancellor to deny me a request for approval/release to go and finish my program, and it was since the report was published that he started scheming to anoint one of his puppets to succeed him, so he may protect him from the wrath of the law that may catch up with him after leaving office.

It is in this light that Albert Einstein’s words, “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything,” resonate with my situation. The VC’s loyalists are watching and doing nothing while he perpetuates evil.

It was also since that time that he started plotting to fight back, starting with accusations and queries for not finishing my PhD after 11 years (now 14), even as there are several of his friends, colleagues, and loyalists that have been pursuing their degrees for close to 30 years without finishing. There are also others that have spent more than 20 years in the same university without finishing even their Masters’ degrees, yet he could not query them. Why single me out alone for query, if at all that is an offense that deserves query?

To the best of my knowledge, I stand to be corrected, there is no law in the university that says a lecturer must finish his PhD within a particular time frame, and if he is unable to finish, he should be queried or sacked. So, the Vice Chancellor should stop using the PhD issue against me, even as he has practically contributed to my not finishing it up to this time.

As things stand, I challenge the Vice Chancellor and his allies to continue their attempts to install a successor who will shield them from accountability for their alleged mismanagement and embezzlement of the university’s resources. We possess evidence and will make it public when necessary.

Similarly, no matter the threats, blackmail, and intimidation, we shall release our Special Report on the five years of his maladministration.

I want to use this medium to educate the VC that, yes, I don’t have a PhD, and I am not a Professor, but what I practically do as a Veteran Journalist and a Publisher is unmatched by hundreds of PhDs and Professors of Mass Communication in many universities in this country. This is a rare achievement that I have no reason to be in competition with anybody. This is a favor that I am proud of, which the VC once testified to himself.

I also want to inform the VC and his boys, who have been celebrating ‘Ajiyan Katagum’s’ appointment as the university’s Pro-chancellor and spreading rumors that the technocrat is coming to impose Kabiru Bala’s puppet as Vice Chancellor, that the Pro-Chancellor is too smart to act on the script of looters of his alma mater’s treasury.


– The publisher of the Education Monitor, Waziri Isa Adam, exposed the Vice Chancellor’s maladministration and corruption in a report on September 15, 2021.

– The report detailed the Vice Chancellor’s questionable activities, including acquiring an N49m official car without due process, involvement in contract scams, perpetuating corruption, flouting university laws, and applying selective justice.

– The Vice Chancellor denied the publisher’s request to finish his program and began scheming to install a successor to protect himself from accountability.

– The publisher accuses the Vice Chancellor of plotting to fight back with accusations and queries about his unfinished PhD, despite the Vice Chancellor’s own friends and loyalists having unfinished degrees.

– The publisher challenges the Vice Chancellor to continue his attempts to install a successor, vowing to release evidence of mismanagement and embezzlement.

– The publisher asserts his achievements as a veteran journalist and publisher, unmatched by hundreds of PhDs and professors.

– The publisher vows to release a Special Report on the Vice Chancellor’s five years of maladministration, despite threats and intimidation.

Waziri Isa Adam
Publisher/Group Editor-in-chief
Education Monitor Group of Newspapers

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