As a lecturer at Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria, I am compelled to set the record straight, contrary to the Vice Chancellor’s spokesman, Awwal Umar’s false claims. My academic pursuits have been unfairly targeted due to my outspoken criticism of the VC’s actions.

Key Facts:

– I secured TETFUND funding for my PhD program at the University of Lagos.

– The university supported my program during Professor Abdullahi Mustapha’s tenure.

– In 2021 and 2022, I requested permission to complete my program, but Professor Kabiru Bala denied me twice, despite my willingness to self-fund.

– Only after pressure from his friend, the Publisher of Desert Herald, who he contracted to reconcile us, did Professor Kabiru Bala agree to allow me to proceed, but with conditions.

– Shockingly, Professor Kabiru Bala secretly requested his counterpart, where I’m pursuing the PhD, to withhold my academic records, effectively halting my progress.

Sabotage and Obstacles:

– The VC’s actions have caused significant delays and obstacles in my academic pursuits.

– When I sought to access my file, I was told it had been hidden upon orders from above.

– This blatant sabotage aims to frustrate my academic pursuits and punish me for my outspoken criticism.

Determination to Expose the Truth:

– I am determined to expose the truth and ensure that justice prevails.

– I will continue to seek justice and defend my academic rights.


Waziri Isa Adam

Publisher/Group Editor-in-chief

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