By Ali Haidar Leeman


A Professor of Political Science with Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University Lapai, Professor Yaki Katuka has warned the people of Kaduna State against voting for the candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Senator Uba Sani, who represents disunity and resentment.


Professor Katuka told *The Newspaper* in a chat that Senator Uba Sani has never hidden his resolve to build on where his principal and benefactor, Nasiru El-Rufai, who has pathological hatred and harbours deep resentment for non- Muslims, has stopped.


The Professor lamented that since Nasiru El-Rufai took over affairs of the state as a governor he forcefully and needlessly divided the people of the state along religious line.


“The kind of distrust and division that El-Rufai has brought into Kaduna State’s politics is not only unparalleled, but has the Potentials, especially if his anointed candidate eventually succeeds, of snawballing into a permanent and regrettable animosity amongst adherents of the two major faiths in state”, he said.


He therefore called on true men of God, elderstatesmen, and patriotic intellectuals in the state to team up to save Kaduna state from it’s enemies and enemies of the hard earned peace that was established in the state before El-Rufai dreamed of venturing into politics.


“Kaduna state is bigger than El-Rufai, or any individual, and his paid religious clerics, who, he is using to tear the state apart in the name of religion. The more regrettable thing about these so called religious scholars that are busy promoting the dangerous and very divisive Muslim-Muslim Ticket, with the covert view of setting the state on fire, are not Kaduna State indigenes”, Professor Katuka noted.

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