By Ali Haidar Leeman


In what sounded like hailing or giving himself credit for his unpopular policies and actions that have sent many innocent souls to their early graves, Kaduna state Governor, Nasiru El-Rufai has admitted that, *”I give people high blood pressure, but, I don’t have it”*.

Governor El-Rufai made the confession in an interview with Tribune Newspaper while answering a question thrown to him on President-Elect, President Bola Ahmad Tinubu (P-BAT) about his state of health.

During his about eight years of steering affairs of Kaduna state, governor El-Rufai’s policies and actions led to the unprocedural and inhuman sacking of thousands of civil servants without proper compensation, a situation that caused many of them to truly develop high blood pressure, consequence of which led to their untimely deaths.

Governor El-Rufai also inhumanly demolished thousands of houses, shops, business places of lesser mortals or middle class businessmen and businesswomen without compensation, a situation which also consequently led to the death of hundreds of people, all, as a result of high blood pressure.

So, for the governor to say he gives people high blood pressure, but, he himself does not have it, is an open admission that he did what he did deliberately to subject people to unnecessary high blood pressure and untimely deaths.

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