Jaafaru Isah Abdullahi

I still remember how Tudun wada Zaria was celebrated for being the ward with the highest votes in the country  for President Muhammadu Buhari in the 2019 general election.

The story was not different during the Governorship election won by governor Nasiru El-rufai. Votes caste peacefully trooped from all corners ensuring the victory of the ruling party, the All Progressive Congress (APC).

Unfortunately, this community has little to show as a solid divident of democracy. Infact, majority of the citizens are beginning to wonder if putting all their eggs in one basket was a big mistake. From drug abuse to phone snatching, the community has been witnessing an exponential increase in crime rates especially at night.

In an attempt to help situations,  the community proffered solution and implemented some actions in tackling the problem, the biggest of which was the installation of locally improvised street lights using 3 to 6 watts electric bulbs all over the community.

This act of ingenuity has no doubt reduced if not stopped crimes in the community. Unfortunately, this solution did not go down well with the authorities of Kaduna Electricity Distribution Company (KEDCO) who have made two attempts to disconnect the security bulbs.

As part of a long lasting solution to this problem, the community offered to pay a reasonable amount monthly for the current consumed by the security bulbs. Despite this gesture, the whole community was disconnected from the national grid by the same authorities after failing to provide an estimated bill as agreed upon.

This has brought unnecessary hardship and pose greater security threats to the community. After about 72 hours of total darkness in an era of frequent kidnappings, tensions are already high in the entire community.

People are beginning to ask, what if somebody was kidnapped within this period? What if the electrical transformers were looted? What if a dead body was dropped on the street as happened in the past? What is KEDCO doing to help the community? What is the corporate social responsibility (CSR) of KEDCO to the Tudun Wada community? Is the company trying to help kidnappers? What is the cost of lightening less than 200 white bulbs? Why is KEDCO claiming  ownership of electrical cables, poles and transformers bought and installed by the community? Where are our elected councillors and Representatives? Are the authorities waiting for another protest?


These are urgent questions that need urgent answers. The situation is dire and in need of urgent intervention.

A stitch in time saves nine.

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