The upcoming 2023 general election is expected to be a turning point in Nigeria, as it will determine the fate of Nigeria in the next 4-8 years, after the 8 years of hardship and recession suffered by Nigerians under the General Muhammadu Buhari led administration.

As the 2023 general elections draws closer, people from all walks of life are getting prepared to cast their votes for the candidate they deem fit for the job of bringing Nigeria back on track.

In an effort to know the views of some Nigerian youths regarding the upcoming election, as they are the backbone of every society, Comrade Muhammad S. Umar, Comrade Nasir Aliyu and Comrade Aliyu Sani who are Excos of the Samaru Youths Connect gave us some highlights.

Explaining his general view regarding the upcoming elections, Comrade Aliyu Sani said that the winner of the upcoming election will definitely come from one of the two major parties i.e APC and PDP, and the votes of the masses does not really determine who will be the winner in most of the elections that held in Nigeria till date.

“Honestly, Nigerian politics is programmed in my analysis… From 2003 to 2015, Buhari has been holding opposition party, even though he knows that he’s not going to be the President of Nigeria, till when it became his turn in 2015, then they now call for merger. If you reasonably look at how things happened in 2015, you would know that it’s a drama. Honestly, how can all the opposition parties, with all their missions, agree and merge in one party just like that for one person (Buhari) to win election?” Comrade Sani opined.

On his part, Comrade Umar termed as ‘media hype’, the claim that youths are getting prepared more than before to play their role in selecting the next Nigerian President, where he said: “I don’t think youths are ready to vote. The Ekiti State election is an example, where you saw majority of the people that went out to vote were not youths. They were old people between the ages of 60, 70 to 80. There was even a woman of 102 years old that was shown dancing because she casted her vote. Some got their permanent voter’s card (PVC) just to vote for any candidate that will give them money, not for the purpose of voting a competent candidate that will bring change. Right from 2007 election till date, majority of the people that que to cast their votes in my polling unit are aged people, especially women.”

While concluding, Comrade Nasir urged the youths to get their PVC’s, get ready to sacrifice their time and come out in mass to cast their votes and make sure that their votes count. Failure to do that will make their future to be in jeopardy.


✍🏽Waziri Mahdi Isa

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