The whole of Gaza Strip is the joint ancestral home of the sons of Abraham. The inhabitants there are the descendants of Isaac and Ishmael, that is, Jews and Arabs, respectively. The problem is that Israel is still not accepting the descendants of Ishmael as their first cousins because of the traditional caste system by the irredentist Orthodox Jews. This caste system believes that children of what the Jews call a ‘strange’ woman can not inherit a Jewish father, her husband, even if those children are older than the man’s Jewish wife’s children. Remember that the Jews marry their cousins in order to prevent the so-called ‘strange’ women from being married into their families. By the way, Arabs are their elder brothers because Ishmael was older than Isaac by sixteen years. This means that in a normal society, they have the first right of choice.

Do you know that more than fifty percent of Palestinians are Christians? Many of them are also Jews who subscribe to the Christian religion. There are more Christians in Palestine than there are in Israel. The orthodox Jews have almost wiped out the Christians in Israel or forced them to convert to Judaism. Sometime ago, a member of the Jewish Knesset (Jewish Parliament) Hon. Ben Ari, openly tore the New Testament in public. Orthodox Jews are Zionist religious fighters and semitic destroyers who don’t believe in any other religion than Orthodox Judaism. I am surprised that some Christians, including Pastor Enoch Adeboye are praying for Israel. Israel should be condemned for practicing apartheid on their first cousins because the world condemned and fought apartheid when the Boers from England practiced it against the indigenes of southern Africa in South Africa. I will send forward hereunder, the map of Gaza Strip as approved by the United Nations for the brothers/cousins based on an agreement in 1948 when Israel was created and the world will see how Israel has been liquidating Palestinians ever since then, grabbing and possessing Palestinian land up to date.

By my analysis, it is the wickedness of Israel since 1948 that gave birth to both the Hamas and the Hezbollah terrorist groups who now have no other way to save their long oppressed people than through what the western press has labeled terrorism in its propaganda. If it were in America and Western Europe, they will call them freedom fighters. The Palestinians have been driven to the wall so they must fight for survival. The solution to the problem in Middle East, therefore, is for Israel to revert to the 1948 United Nations’ recommendation, what is regarded in law and diplomacy as pro ante. For this to happen, America and Western European countries and their so-called allies must desist from giving any type of support, including war machines, to Israel. But if they refuse to do that, they are inadvertently inviting the wrath of other stakeholders in the world who will naturally defend their own ‘allies’ in the manner Russia has warned that any military strike in Syria is bound to elicit dire consequences. These ‘consequences’, whatever they may be, may eventually spiral to a WWIII.


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