By Waziri Isa Adam

Nigerian Muslims and some of their Christian counterparts, like in other several countries of the world, came out in their thousands in more than 30 different cities and towns to participate in the annual peaceful International Quds Day rallies yesterday.

But, while the rallies were conducted peacefully and without any form of molestation by either the police or soldiers in those more than 30 cities and towns, the police in kaduna and Zaria, majority of whom are known unrepentant supporters of Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu, opened fire on the peaceful protesters with live ammunition even without any form of provocation, killing four protesters in kaduna and 1 in Zaria and fatally wounding several others.

Pro-Palestinian Protestors in Abuja

The Quds Day rally in Nigeria which used to be mostly peaceful in the past three decades, untill the coming of the immediate past government of General Muhammadu Buhari, and immediate past governor of kaduna state, Nasiru Ahmed El-Rufai, who are close and unapologetic allies of Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who institutionalized official persecutions and killings of anti-Zionists and Palestinians’ supporters in Nigeria, are usually conducted by mostly adherents of the school of thought of the noble progeny of the holy Prophet of Islam – Muhammad (may peace and blessings of Allah be upon them).

Pro-Palestinian Protestors in Abuja

The Kaduna and Zaria attacks of the Pro-Palestinians’ protesters did not come as a surprise to many people in the state, and in the country, because few days to the Quds’ Day rally, the United State’s Embassy in Nigeria and the Nigerian Police Force had issued statements in which they lied and misinformed the public that Members of the Islamic Movement were going to observe their annual Quds Day rallies in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, and which may be violent.

A Nigerian Police officer caught shooting Peaceful Pro-Palestianian protestors in Kaduna

Even though the movement quickly debunked the American Embassy’s claim and that of the Nigerian Police in a statement in which they said the Quds Day rally is known and celebrated peacefully all over the world including the United States of America, and the whole of Europe.

Janazah of Nigeria’s Quds Day Martyrs in Kaduna today

They clarified that, “this year’s too, is going to be as peaceful as it had been”, adding that if any case of violence is therefore recorded then it’s the United States government and their Nigerian counterpart that should be held accountable.

Quds Day Rally held across the world 

However, while the rallies took place peacefully everywhere in the country some overzealous or paid agents of the Israeli government among the Nigerian security apparatus, unleashed mayhem in kaduna state which is the home state of leader of the Islamic Movement, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, and who the then governor, Nasiru El-Rufai had vowed to decimate the Shiites and to make sure that all their activities are disrupted, or made almost impossible.

A Must Watch Video of Nigeria’s Pro-Palestinian Protest in Abuja

At the time of filing this report, it was gathered that more than 40 protesters who sustained live threatening injuries as a result of gun shots of the police are receiving treatments in various facilities.

However, what surprises most people is the action of the incumbent governor, Senator Uba Sani, who, during his campaigns gave the impression that he will not toe the path of his predecessor, under whose regime there was bloodshed in almost every part of the state, particularly Kaduna and Zaria, where whenever the Shiites were carrying out any form of religious activity, the then governor will send his hunting dogs to go and open fire on them.

For the records: Below is the video Christian participant of Pro-Palestianians’ protest, Rev. Yarima, stressing the need for Unity between Muslims and Christians to confront the Zionists

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