By Samson Yaki

rominent voices of the black race have called on Africans and other blacks all over the world to refuse to be administered COVID-19 Vaccine, warning that it is a ploy to inflict the black race with evil and to eliminate blacks from the face of the earth.

A renown black American preacher and human rights Activist, Louis Farrah Khan said COVID-19 pandemic is a plan to  change people chemically to think  they are what they are not; warning that COVID–19 is not just a plan of a common wicked man but a Satanic that is after black people to take them down with him.

“If I don’t preach the truth to save lives then I will lose mind. And if I don’t warn you of what the consequences are, and you continue with what you are doing, with no desire to change because you think you are living right.

“This enemy is a scientist of evil. He studies reality in chemistry in such a way to change you chemically to think you are what you are not. He is a wise Satan. That’s who you are dealing with. You are not dealing with just a common wicked man but you are dealing with Satan, the god of this world and he is after you black man, black woman, to take you down with him when he goes down.”

In the same vein Senator Dino Melaye called on Africans to reject any application of the vaccine on them, warning African governments not to allow Africans to be used as guinea pigs for test of their evil satanic intensions.

“I am here to address all Africans and Nigerians on the COVID-19 vaccine.  I am calling on all Africans, particularly Nigerians not to accept the use of any vaccine for now. For hundred years we couldn’t find vaccine for cancer, for over forty years we are yet to find vaccine for HIV AIDS, for over another hundred years, research has been going on, yet we have not found any vaccine for diabetics and we are yet to. How is it possible that in less than one year, we have found a vaccine for COVID-19.

“The intelligent reports have revealed that those who took that vaccine died within three days. So I’m calling on Africans not to allow Africans to be used as guinea pigs by the developed nations for their satanic reasons.

“We say no to any application of vaccine in Africa. We call on the Minister of Health of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to immediately discontinue further interactions with those who want to give us any vaccine, it’s a killer and we are not going to accept it and we would hold the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Minister of Health responsible if any vaccine is applied on any Nigerian and there is a concomitant effect on any Nigerian”, he warned.

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