By Mahdi Waziri Isa 

Malam Waziri Isa Adam Aliyu, Wazirin Gwantu III, has urged the leader of Gwantu Progressives People’s Union (GWAPPU), Alhaji Abubakar Abdullahi Maikano, to use his God’s given position, rare wealth of experience and influence in the country to unite his people who are on the verge of needless, irreconciliable and, God forbid, eternal division, over trivial and resolvable issues, and to ensure the entrenchment of justice, equity and fairplay to all and sundry, irrespective of blood affiliation, as expected of Unifiers, true leaders and elder statesmen anywhere in the world.

Wazirin Gwantu III gave the advice following the unfortunate, unpopular and inimical resolve by some frustrated and selfish agents of doom that are using his name to rewrite the history of the Gwantu people and their traditional institution for primordial interests, and for the satisfaction of their dwarfed and complex ego.

Wazirin Gwantu III, Malam Waziri Isa Adam Aliyu

“I consider this message to our leader as a necessary step to help him assert himself as one of the few people God elevated not only in Gwantu, southern kaduna, Kaduna state, but in the country at large, that many people are looking up to as a role model and leader, and who should therefore carry them along and relate with them on equal terms and footings”, he adviced.

“I am compelled to use this medium to counsel the Leader following several failed attempts to reach out to him to discuss his alleged complicity in the attempt to strip me of my title as Wazirin Gwantu, a title that is on record that I inherited from my uncle who was Wazirin Gwantu II, and who also inherited it from my father who was the first Waziri of Gwantu that reigned for several decades before his demise; without informing me, officially, of any offence that I may have committed consciously or unconsciously, overtly or covertly, and without issuing any warning or query to me before now”, he said.

The Leader of Gwantu Progressives People’s Union (GWAPPU), Alhaji Abubakar Abdullahi Maikano

“This message, through this medium, is also necessitated in view of the rumours making the rounds that the leader was the one that influenced and bankrolled the so called appointment of his cousin, for whatever reason, as my successor, even as I am still alive, and have not been found wanting”, he emphasized

He therefore called on Maikano, as the leader of all, to wash his hands off the laughable and illogical conspiracy to dubiously strip prominent sons of the Chiefdom of their titles under a fraudulent and mischievous caveat of ‘Harmonisation of Tittles’ under the chiefdom, which is only but, regrettably, aimed at legitimizing the appointment of his cousin brother.

He called on the leader to be neutral, just and objective in dealing with people, even if they are people he considers, rightly or wrongly, as his enemies, citing a verse of the Holy Quran that says, “Do not allow the hatred of your enemies deny you from being fair to them, be fair to all because fairness is close to righteousness or piety”.

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