It is now Security staff of Nigeria universities would realize fully that they have never had unions to represent their interest.

The Unions are only interested in using them (security officers) to win election into union offices, being one of the most populated units on campus that can decide election outcome for the candidates. Otherwise, how does one explain the injustice, illegal withholding of their salaries and no action or concern showed in any form by the so-called unions that claim to represent them

Just imagine, no body is speaking for the security staff who have had to remain on ground ,not out of their choice,during the strike; under cold,rain and sunshine.

They had to go Borrowing money to eat and transport to work. Most of them are heavily indented, that the thought of the debt, is sentencing them to untimely death.

Is Ngige and minister Adamu Adamu claiming they are not aware of a group of staff called security amongst the university staff?
Is Ippis not having their list? After all, staff have their departments clearly indicated in their payslips.

Without their singular efforts, would there be universities for students, Teaching and other non-teaching staff to return to?

Surely, Everything would have been vandalized but for their presence.

Infact, the worth of what would have been stolen from the university campuses would have been 100 times more than what is needed to pay the security staff, who as we all know are grossly inadequate in terms of numbers to secure virtually all the campuses.

It’s really disheartening, it is dehumanizing, it is wicked, it’s criminal and an unpardonable crime against humanity worse than terrorist attack.

Worst is the conspiracy of silence from those who claim to be well meaning Nigerians, and human rights activists.

This was the same way most of these same category of staff were badly used and not compensated during the Coronavirus pandemic period. It’s highly unfair. These people have families to cater for. And they are the worst hit and the greatest victims of high blood pressure attack in the university system because of the nature of their job.
The Circadian rythm effect for those who know.

With immediate effect, I am joining my voice to call on the government to without any further delay pay the withheld salaries of the security staff, because they legitimately worked for it and earned it. It’s only human and morally right to do so.

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