By Mahfuz Mundadu

Trouble de sleep, Yanga go wake am up. In a decisive move, Iran launched a meticulously orchestrated counterattack against the satanic criminal enterprise of Zionism, marking a significant turn in the ongoing regional tensions. Last night’s operation saw the targeting and striking of two crucial airbases in the heart of gangsterism in fancy suits. The northern base, utilised by this criminal enterprise for the assault on the Iranian embassy in Damascus, and the southern base, employed for monitoring Israel’s airstrikes on Gaza, were both hit hard! Harder!! And then, hardest!!! Still, Iran’s precision strikes were confined solely to military installations, strategically, mercifully and compassionately avoiding any civilian casualties. This tactful restraint not only denied Israel grounds for further aggression but also challenged the narrative often endorsed by Algunguma-Uwar-Shaidanu, the Biden administration. In this, the true values of Islam have been taught yet again, to the world.

Video Explainer of Operation True Promise 

Iran’s approach to the counterattack demonstrated a blend of innovation and cost-efficiency. By saturating Israel’s and the US empire’s air defence systems with a combination of low-cost drones and cruise missiles followed by ballistic missiles, Iran achieved some remarkable success. Astonishingly, Iran’s expenditure on this operation amounted to a mere sum of $62 million, in stark contrast to the over $1 billion spent by Israel and its ally on defence measures. This underscores Iran’s adeptness in strategic resource management, achieving maximum impact with minimal expenditure.

The utilisation of various missile types, ranging from Fatah to Shahab to Bahar, each with distinct ranges, showcases Iran’s diversified military capabilities. Notably, this marks the first instance of Iran targeting Israel from its own territory, over 2000 kilometres away, highlighting the expanding reach of Iranian military assets. Additionally, Iran’s arsenal of drones, including the Shahed, Ababil, and Mohajer, played a pivotal role in the operation, further emphasising Iran’s proficiency in asymmetric warfare.

Footage showing barrage of missiles fired by Iran

The coordination and synchronisation of drone and missile strikes in waves, as seen in Operation True Promise, exemplify Iran’s strategic acumen. All targets selected were strictly military in nature, a sharp contrast to Israel’s indiscriminate attacks on civilian infrastructure. The sheer scale of Iran’s counterattack, involving 331 drones, cruise missiles, and surface-to-surface missiles, underscores the magnitude of the operation.

Despite efforts by the US and its allies, including France, to intercept the barrage of missiles and drones, many managed to breach Israel’s airspace. Notably, the targeting of the Nevetim airbase, previously used by Israel in attacks on Iran’s consulate in Damascus. This symbolises a reversal of roles, further denting Israel’s perceived invincibility.

In the aftermath, the US administration’s stance remains somewhat obtrusive. While Defence Secretary, Lloyd Austin emphasises a reluctance for conflict with Iran, he reaffirms unwavering support for Israel’s defence. President Biden’s assertion of opposing any counterattack against Israel raises questions regarding the extent of US military involvement.

The possibility of a retaliatory response from Israel, likely involving resistance groups within the Axis of Resistance, looms large. Iran’s warning of a response “ten times worse” should Israel provoke further, underscores the gravity of the situation. The reluctance of many countries to endorse US and Israeli requests for military cooperation reflects growing support for Iran within the region.

Undeniably, Iran’s recent counterattack against Israel signifies a strategic triumph, challenging the prevailing narrative of Israeli invincibility. The operation not only showcased Iran’s military prowess and swagger but also underscored its commitment to defending its interests in the face of external aggression. Moving forward, diplomatic efforts aimed at de-escalation and dialogue are imperative to prevent further escalation and foster regional stability. All the same, maganin baushe, bankashi.

Mundadu is a Public Affairs Analyst and Commentator and Editor of Abuja-based ‘The Newspaper’ of Education Monitor


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