While other states athletes were receiving accolades left, right and center as many are smiling to the bank but AljazirahNigeria confirmed that some of the athletes and coaches are gnashing their teeth in regret.

Among those regretting their outing were athletes and coaches of FCT at the just concluded National Youth Games, NYG, in Ilorin Kwara State. They expressed their displeasure over the poor treatment from the FCT Sports Council, saying they regretted going to Ilorin with the FCT team.

It will be recalled that AljazirahNigeria reported that five days to the commencement of the 2019 edition NYG in Ilorin, the nation’s capital city team were not given adequate preparation as athletes were subjected to untidy preparation due to the inability of the FCT Administration to release funds for better preparation.

It was equally reported that during the games in Ilorin officials of Team FCT and athletes were held hostage as they were unable to offset the balance for their accommodation fees.

An official who includes the coaches and the sports association secretaries did not receive a dime since their arrival at the University of Ilorin, the venue for the 5th National Youth Games.

The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) had promised to get funds available for the annual Games which gave them the confidence to leave on credit but till Sunday, September 15, 2019 (the last day of the tournament) a dime has not been paid to the coaches and athletes who represent FCT at the Youth Games.

Some of the officials who rented an apartment on campus were taken hostage by the hostel staff as they couldn’t pay for where they are staying. The hostel staffs have threatened not to allow them to move out of their apartment unless they pay them.

These and many agonies were the portions of FCT athletes and coaches at the just concluded tournament in Kwara State.

Narrating his ordeal, one of the FCT coaches who don’t want his name to be mentioned said: “There was no support, nothing, they did not give the athletes anything, I am the one taking care of the athletes with my money.

“They just abandoned us, they don’t even care about how we are going to survive, after we played, we won and they were informed, even at the final nobody came to see whether we survive or not.

“This is very sad. I regret going to Ilorin with FCT team, other state called me to come and coach them I say no, other state paid their athletes 40,000, I rejected such an offer, and it was a bitter lesson up till now, no allowance was given to us.

“I spoke with Director of Sports Mrs. Dilichukwu even the tracksuit, they were given, we did not get, and they share it among themselves.”

When asked if accommodation and feeding were given? He replied: “Though they give us food and accommodation but the treatment was a bitter experience.”

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