The National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE) has sought for a stronger synergy between the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund) and the Commission by instituting some changes in the Fund’s intervention processes as it relates to Colleges of Education (CoE).

Executive Secretary of NCCE, Professor Paulinus Chijioke Okwelle made the appeal when he paid a courtesy visit to the Executive Secretary TETFund, Architect Sonny Echono.

Speaking at the meeting, Professor Okwelle, asked that TETFund add to the accreditation criteria for Colleges of Education the submission of evidence of compliance with NCCE to ensure that Colleges of Education are indeed compliant with the extant rules and regulation of the Commission.

He also requested that NCCE be involved in monitoring the activities of the six Centres of Excellence established by TETFund in the six geopolitical zones of the country and possibly that the Centres of Excellence be extended to more Federal Colleges of Education to aid access to modern methodologies and research in Teacher Education.

The NCCE boss also pleaded for assistance in the provision of more reading materials for the TETFund Early Grade Reading Project created to adjust the curriculum for the infusion of early grade reading in indigenous languages as early as primary one.

Okwelle said the project has been highly successful since its inception and has enjoyed partnerships with USAID for the production of reading materials in indigenous languages.

He also called on the Fund to establish Modern Micro-Teaching Laboratories in the six newly established Federal Colleges of Education as constructed in the older Federal Colleges of Education and also fund Model Practical Teaching Centres in Federal Colleges of Education as their establishment acts as laboratories for Teaching Practice.

Responding, Echono noted that NCCE is a member of the TETFund Board of Trustees and as such are considered a part of the agency.

Speaking on the request for the establishment of new additional Centres of Excellence for Colleges of Education, Echono emphasised that it is of great importance to the Fund that the Centres of Excellence excel in their various areas of focus as this would contribute to the transformation of education in the country.

The Executive Secretary assured his counterpart of more funding for Teaching Practice interventions for the purpose of improving curriculums for better learning outcomes across the country.

He added that teacher education is paramount to the development of education in the country and as such forms part of the primary focus of TETFund.

Echono had on assumption of duty after his appointment, declared that his main agenda would be the production of high quality graduates through the reviewing of the Nigerian curriculum to include Entrepreneurial Studies, Digital Technology as well as creating a strong partnership between the Government, Academia and Industry.

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