By Haruna G. Magashi Esq


The outgoing Governor of Kaduna State Mr Nasiru El Rufai had issued a circular barely 2 weeks to the end of his tenure, where he indicated that he will demolish 48 landed buildings that termed as ‘IMN Properties’ among others.

The term ‘IMN Properties’ apparently refer to properties that belong to the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. Thus, spectators were waiting to see if the said IMN actually owned 48 properties across Kaduna State.

Surprisingly, the exiting Governor started his dastard work by demolishing some properties that were personally owned by individuals, including a hospital, schools and private residences of individuals. All in the bogus name of IMN Properties.


The actions of Mr Nasiru have one aim, which is persecution of Shi’a Muslims that he spent 8 years fighting against without recording any success. With barely 7 days to leave office, Nasiru el Rufai has one thing in his polluted mind, which is persecution. He has realised that he wasted 8 years fighting without success. Now he is leaving. What are his achievemens? Actually nothing. He saw that he has been defeated, and he will leave office soon. And Shi’a Muslims will continue to practice their religious ideologies, and there is nothing he can do.

With this disease in his mind, his only solace will be to persecute them as much as he can before he takes his final bow. Nasiru knows fully well that he can not achieve anything with this persecution. He can not wipe away the Shi’ites, nor can he extinguish the light of their religious ideology which he so much hates. He can’t even take away the plots of land they own. He knows very well that no one will abandon his faith as a result of his action. Yet, he chose to inflict pain in their lives by demolishing their homes and schools and hospital. Because that’s the only thing he can do now. It is the last kick of a dying horse.

Our message to the midget governor is straight. It’s not our buildings that made us. We made the buildings. And we will erect better structures in place of the ones you demolish.

Our message to the incoming Governor of Kaduna State Mr Uba Sani is apt, do not take the path of your predecessor by picking a fight you can not finish in your 4 or 8 years of your tenure. Concentrate on making Kaduna great by embracing all and working unselfishly. By this, you will mark your name on gravel.

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