By Mahfouz Mundadu


In a baffling display of power, the Governor of Kaduna State recently embarked on a demolition spree, targeting schools, hospitals, and homes belonging to some unlucky citizens. Clearly, he must have thought that reducing these essential institutions to rubble would somehow solidify his reign and strike fear into the hearts of his constituents. Little did he know that the resilient spirit of the people would turn this act of tyranny into a comical display of his own defeat.

As the bulldozers roared through the streets, flattening anything in their path, the victims of this overzealous demolition campaign stood tall, defying the governor’s misguided intentions. Their resolve, like a mighty wall built from the bricks of injustice, refused to crumble. In the face of adversity, they chose to remain resolute and focused, proving that the governor’s control over the state apparatus of coercion was nothing more than an illusion.

Picture the scene: a group of citizens, armed with nothing but determination and perhaps a few haphazardly salvaged belongings, gather around the wreckage of what used to be their beloved school. With mock applause and exaggerated expressions of awe, they congratulate the governor on his remarkable achievement. “Bravo, dear governor! You’ve managed to turn an educational institution into a modern art installation!” they exclaim, holding back laughter that threatens to bubble to the surface.

Meanwhile, the governor, expecting fear and submission, finds himself looking defeated and perplexed. His grand plan to quell dissent and assert his dominance has backfired spectacularly. Instead of cowering under his rule, the citizens have turned his destructive actions into a mockery, exposing the absurdity of his actions for the world to see.

Not to be outdone, the victims of this demolition derby take their newfound circumstances with a pinch of satire. They organize impromptu open-air classes amidst the rubble, using the ruins of their former schools as both backdrop and inspiration for their lessons. Medical professionals, undeterred by the destruction of their hospitals, set up makeshift clinics in tents, playfully referring to them as “state-of-the-art mobile healthcare units.” Who needs bricks and mortar when you have the indomitable spirit of the people?

In a final act of defiance, the citizens put their creativity to work and produce an award-winning documentary titled “The Demolition Chronicles: A Comedy of Errors.” The film, a delightful blend of satire and dark humor, pokes fun at the governor’s ill-conceived demolition spree. It becomes an overnight sensation, showcasing the absurdity of the situation to the world and turning the tables on the hapless governor.

So, dear governor, we salute your unintentional contribution to the entertainment industry. Your feeble attempts at tyranny have been met with laughter, resilience, and an unyielding determination to rise above adversity. The people of Kaduna State have proven that no matter how powerful the state apparatus of coercion may seem, it pales in comparison to the strength of unity, bravery, and the unwavering determination forged in the furnace of *Zakzakiyya* school of thought.

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