By Waziri Mahdi Isa 


As it draws near to the Gubernatorial and State House of Assembly elections in Nigeria, which is set to hold on Saturday, 18th March, 2023, the Coordinator, and one of the founding fathers of Samaru Youths Connect, Comrade Muhammad S. Umar, explained to Education Monitor why he thinks Honorable Mu’azu Magaji Yaro, who’s contesting for the seat of Member, Kaduna State House of Assembly, to represent Basawa Constituency, under the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) is the right man for the job.


Comrade Umar highlighted that the All Progressive Congress’s (APC) candidate that held the position for eight years so far “did not have the capacity of representing the people, and has never carried out any project or human capital development, in fact we do not even see him at all, till another election draws near.”


He stressed that he’s not imposing his opinion on anybody, but he urged that “people should be allowed to choose who they want to represent them.”


While justifying his claim for saying his candidate is the right man for the job, Comrade Umar said, “He is an intellectual as well as a humble person. For example, if you call him on phone and ask him why he’s contesting and what he plans to achieve, he will humbly tell you regardless of him knowing you or otherwise, without boasting or attacking the caller, unlike other aspirants.”


He also buttressed that, “He is the only aspirant that explained how he intends to partner with NGO’s to bring beneficial projects to the constituency, and he has respect for the people. He never retaliate to any criticism or insult done to him in his presence or on social media, talk more of threatening you or putting you behind bars because of that, unlike the APC aspirant. He also plead for people’s votes instead of buying it with money, women wrappers, or foodstuffs as the APC aspirant is currently doing.


Comrade Umar concluded that, Honorable Mu’azu Magaji is not perfect, but he’s better than the rest, and thus urged people especially youths to think twice before casting their ballots in the upcoming elections.

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