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This substance is able to penetrate into the salt molecules and destroy them from the inside – as a result, the surfaces of the joints are cleaned and proper blood flow and circulation of synovial fluid are restored. FOREVER! Or rather, until the salt accumulates again (but this will take several decades). You no longer need to CONTINUOUSLY use drugs to relieve pain and inflammation. There is no need to worry that one day the joint will “jam” forever, completely losing its mobility which will require the person to purchase prosthetics. People become completely healthy for decades to come!

I was shocked when I saw Nigerian medical statistics records. Do you know what results in the most disabilities in your country? Arthrosis! The same arthrosis that is cured in 2 weeks in India leads to disability in Nigeria!

Today in Germany, joint diseases are considered mild pathologies. Pain and inflammation in the joints only indicate that they are “contaminated” with salts and it is time to clean them. After a 2-3 week course of “cleaning”, the joints return to normal and you can forget about joint problems for the next decade.

Joint health problems, that in Nigeria are still “treated” separately, in India and many European countries, have long been combined into one disease “Articulatio de sales” (Saline formations in the joints). This term includes:










This is a very short list, but other diseases are just subtypes of these nine main pathologies. For example, coxarthrosis is a subtype of arthrosis, etc.

And all these complications are dealt with very simply – by cleaning the joints. Absolutely safe and fast, you don’t even need a doctor and can do it all in the comfort of your home.

– So how do you “clean” the joints over in India?

– Today there are special drugs that are designed to cleanse the joints from the salt deposits. They contain alpha-arthropherol. For example, one of the best products is Arthrazex. This cream contains alpha-arthropherol in a special, easily absorbable form, which increases its effectiveness.

Another important advantage of Hondrogel is that it contains a combination of systemic arthro-vitamins, macro- and microelements designed to improve the functioning of joint tissue. In other words, it has a comprehensive healing effect on bone and cartilage tissue, synovial fluid, muscle fibers, on the tissue of ligaments and tendons. It contains over 50 natural ingredients.

Arthrazex It contains over 50 natural ingredients. I won’t go over all of them, but here are the main ones:

Mars Sinkfoil:

Strengthens the walls of fine blood cells by normalizing them. Increases their suppleness and resistance to wear.

Then oil macromolecules:

Relieves inflammation of the tissues of the joints


Orto-Salt deposits destroy deposits. Helps soften them out.

Red Root:

Strengthens the arteries of blood

Altai deer horn cells:

The tissues of the joints speed up the process of recovery. Relieves pain immediately after application

Alpha elements of the bark of the sunflower tree:

Normalizes the flow of synovial fluid


Exhales excess water from the body

– Arthrazex as far as we know, is not sold in Nigerian pharmacies?

– Exactly, and that’s the problem. Nigerian doctors prefer to stuff the population with anesthetics and chondroprotectors, rather than engage in real medical treatment.

At the same time, I have no doubt that Singaporian rheumatologists, at least those who are interested in progressive methods of treatment, know about Arthrazex and its regenerative abilities. But they do not risk prescribing a drug that is not on the list given to them by the Ministry of Health.

As far as I know, the manufacturer of Arthrazex wanted to enter Nigerian market. But he wasn’t allowed to do that – hundreds of red tape obstacles sprung up in his way (the bureaucracy in Nigeria is ineradicable). And it’s pretty obvious why that happened – if this drug appears in pharmacies, the pharmaceutical mafia will suffer colossal losses. After all, pharmacology is nothing but a business nowadays! Even in the well-developed countries of Europe. But, business there is controlled by the state, I won’t try to decipher the situation here in Nigeria, I’ll leave that to you.

– What advice would you give to Nigeria residents that suffer from joint pain?

– Ordinary people, especially those over 50, suffer the most from the backwardness of Nigerian medicine. It’s not their fault, it’s just the way the healthcare system here works.

But fortunately – there is a way out. We have made a deal with the Center for Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation in Nigeria to distribute the drug at a low cost to all of Nigerian citizens with joint problems. Now every resident has the opportunity to forget about arthritis, osteochondrosis, etc. forever. Now let me tell you what you need to do to get Arthrazex.

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