*Congratulates, Gives Medical Director, FMC Keffi, Pass Mark

By Samson Yaki

The Honourable Minister of State for Health, Dr. (Senator) Adeleke Olorunnimbe Mamora, has charged hospital management across the country to strive towards maintaining peace within the hospital and with its immediate environment.

Senator Mamora, who gave this charge at the Federal Medical Centre keffi in Nasarawa state during the Commissioning ceremony of some projects at the hospital, also encouraged the management to always enter into partnerships with government and other agencies for meaningful development and growth in their establishments.

The Minister said if a Head is not in good terms with the members of the Board, the members of the management and the members of the workforce in the place, the organization would not be comfortable with him.

“If you move out here and you are not at peace with the Royal Majesty, who is the Chief Land Lord of this place, I’m sure the seat will not be comfortable for you as well. So, peace is very vital to growth and development.

“We are gathered here to celebrate growth and development, but that cannot be possible in an environment where there is no peace”, the senator said.

Senator Adeleke, who recalled and lamented the damage done to the Psychiatric Centres in Calabar, the oldest institution in Nigeria, established over a hundred years ago; said the place is now a shadow of its former self as it was  totally looted  by EndSARS protesters.

“It is when you see things like this that you will appreciate the essence of peace. Psychiatric patients were discharged by the hoodlums and everything was stolen. I am sharing this so that you can know the essence of peace as a precondition to development”, he stated.

While noting that the need for peace for development to take place in any institution cannot be overemphasized, he thanked the community of FMC keffi and the entire community of Keffi for making peace to prevail in the hospital.

The minister also buttressed the importance of partnership in development of any sector of institution saying that, “No matter what you think of yourself, you cannot do it alone.  You need the cooperation, the collaboration, the synergy, the coordination and the togetherness of the people around you to be able to make progress in whatever endeavour you lay your hand upon.

“And one of the things we are celebrating today is staff partnership. It is very important to always carry the people along with you, always listen to advice, even if the advice is not palatable to you, you still need it because you will never be good all the times. Perfection belongs to God. As human beings, partnership is very important for you to make progress.

He urged the hospital management not to turn their backs at the state government in which the hospital is situated.

“Part of the partnership again is the state government. Even though this is a federal government establishment, partnership with the governor as an individual and the state government as an institution is very important because this place is situated on this ground and not in the air. So you need that partnership and I’m sure the state government has been very supportive in diverse ways”. he further advised.

He called on the management to place high priorities on legacy for which to be remembered, pointing out that their position is transient, hence the need to leave a footprint in the sand of time.

“The next thing is, always emphasize on the ‘Now’ because your being here is for a while and not all the while. Always remind yourself with a question of how you want to be remembered when you are no longer here. It is what you put on ground that would be your legacy. And generations later would say ‘when one man Dr. Yahaya Baba Adamu was here, these are the thing that he did.

“Let me say you have done well because I have seen some of the achievements, not just on paper but on ground. The Amenity, Laboratory and the Dialysis Centres. These are critical things that are very important to the growth and the development of this place. Congratulations.

“It is important to let people see and know what you are doing. It is like lighting Candle. You must light your candle and put it on the table so that they can see light. With all due respect, that is what the Bible said; that let your light so shine before men so that they may see your good works. So if you are giving light, let it shine well so that people would know what you are doing. Of course you are doing a good job in this place and I congratulate you for that”, the minister  concluded.

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