• Tasks NCCE, NBTE on Paradigm Shift Policy on Technical Programs

• Calls For Alternative Hands-on Instructional strategy in NCE, Poly Programmes

By Samson Yaki

An Academic, Dr Bashir Sabo Abubakar, has advocated for an alternative hands-on instructional strategy in NCE (Technical) Programme
and the injection of the PBI paradigm shift to learner centered instructions in the programme in Nigeria.

Dr Abubakar made the call recently during his Inaugural Lecture on the theme: “Search for Alternative Hands-on Institutional Strategy for the NCE (Technical) Programme in Nigeria”, held In Federal College of Education Bichi , Kano.

Dr. Abubakar identified that the gap in the philosophy of the NCE (Technical) programmes (curriculum) between 1990 and 2020 and the National Policy on Education, are critical for adequate search for higher standards for the NCE (Technical) hands-on skills to teach technical subjects.

He noted that most of the instructional methods presently in use make graduates not to acquire the requisite knowledge expected by the society for the technological content of trade subjects such as automobile, building,
programmes; which require cognitive, affective and practical progress and development of Nigeria.

In his study Dr Abubakar said the use of PBI cycle in the teaching of Building Technology and performance of the students has improved their performance in hands-on tasks.

The Provost, FCE Bichi, Professor Bashir Muhammad Fage mni (left) speaking with the Inaugural lecturer (right)

The study also established that pre-service teachers will improve their technical skills while students will be effective and efficient through the intrinsic analysis of the model, hands-on skills will be enhanced, and above all Nigeria will be developed.

Dr Abubakar therefore called on NCCE and NBTE to make categorical policy statement instructing the paradigm shift to learner- centered instruction in the (Technical) Programme in Colleges of Education and Polytechnics in Nigeria.
He added that the use of FBI could be injectted as a curriculum innovation in the teaching of trade subjects in the NCE (Technical) programme in the Colleges of Education and Polytechnics in Nigeria.
He said that Heads of institutions and academic units could plan their lessons into activities before delivery and on activities, adding that lecturers and staff should be encouraged and supported to always explore the use of alternative contact modes in hands-on activies.

The Chief Lecturer pointed that Colleges and polytechnics are encouraged to provide of PBI, and learner centered instruction lies on the availability of material resources to carry out the
hands-on activities.

By so doing, according Dr Bashir, the instructional potentials of the technically proficient resource for our industries on teaching of all the trade subjects in the NCE (Technical) Basic Technology teachers in our classrooms would be effectively developed .

He also added that the gaps of producing effective NCE (Technical) programme in colleges of education and polytechnics in
teachers to handle Basic Technology in our junior secondary schools, could be bridged by adapting and
integrating the Practice-based Inquiry cycle in the graduation.

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