Update on CoronaVirus Pandemic – Sat April 4th, 2020

• US sets new highest daily coronavirus death toll, with over 1,400 fatalities. United States coronavirus death toll reaches 7000

• UK #coronavirus death toll rises by 708 to 4,313

• Belgium reports 1,661 new cases of coronavirus and 140 new deaths.
A total of 18,431 cases and 1,283 deaths.

• 809 new coronavirus deaths in Spain

• Iran reports 2,560 new cases of coronavirus today and 158 new deaths.
A total of 55,743 cases and 3,452 deaths.

• France reports 5,233 new cases of coronavirus and 1,120 new deaths.
A total of 64,338 cases and 6,507 deaths.

•NATO is cannabalizing itself over ventilators and masks. Americans robbing from the French, Turks stealing from the Spanish.

*Turkey stealing medical equipment bound for Spain.

*Germany stealing medical equipment bound for Italy.

*The United States stealing medical equipment bound for Canada, France and Germany.

< NATO solidarity at its finest! >

• Medical masks sold by American firm 3M to Germany were intercepted in Thailand and diverted back to the US.

(Via The Financial Times)

• The World Bank says the rapidly spreading Covid-19 pandemic is expected to cause a major global recession.

• US Authorities remove close to one million masks, gloves, gowns and other medical supplies after a Brooklyn Zionist Jew was caught allegedly hoarding the equipment. He faces charges for lying to investigators and coughing on FBI agents who confronted him.

• In a viral video 2 French professors said on French TV that the CoronaVirus vaccine should be tested in Africa. Typical mindset of the genocidal imperialist barbarians of the West.

“Africa is not a laboratory”. – Didier Drogba and Samuel Eto’o have both rebuked two racist French Professors, French Professors, Jean-Paul Mira and Camille Locht.

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