By Toyin Falola Nostalgic feelings, memory nodes, and reverberations have often spurred me into euphoric celebrations, bursting out to retrace the relics of history resurrected by the Nigerian leaders: The National Anthem of Independence. I must confess that people of my age bracket and those born and weaned before 1978Continue Reading

This is an urgently important initiative by the Geneva International Peace Research Institute, GIPRI. Two TFF Associates – Professor Richard Falk and TFF director Jan Oberg – have signed it. The initiative needs the widest possible readership. Over the past 48 hours, no Western mainstream media has found it newsworthy.Continue Reading

By Muhammad Muntazar An Islamic human rights organization, the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), has sent a message of condolence to the government and people of Iran as well as the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Shaykh El-Zakzaky, over the demise of President Ibrahim Raisi. In a statement issuedContinue Reading

By Muhammad Al-Ghazali  The late president was viewed as a ‘hardliner’ in the West. It is a term they use to distinguish between patriotic leaders of nations and compliant simpletons in the mould of Mobutu ever willing to do the bidding of their Western oppressors. World history teaches us thatContinue Reading

By Ahmad Shuaibu Isa Talking of selfless services from those with responsibilities simply means involvement in prioritizing the well-being and development of people, community or country over personal gain. This approach to leadership is often characterized by several key attributes that one can view through the lenses of empathy andContinue Reading