By Waziri Isa Adam

The Visitor of Nigeria’s Federal Universities, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu (P-BAT), has instructed all Vice Chancellors that are rounding up their tenures, among whom is the Vice Chancellor of Ahmadu Bello University, Professor Kabiru Bala, to handover their responsibilities to the next most senior deputy Vice Chancellors.

The instruction was contained in a circular titled, ‘HANDOVER PROTOCOL TO OUTGOING VICE-CHANCELLORS’ with reference No: NUC/ES/138/Vol. 65/88, dated 27/05/2024, signed by the Acting Executive Secretary of National Universities Commission, Chris J. Maiyaki, sent to all Vice Chancellors of federal universities.

It partly read, “I write to convey the directive of the Honourable Minister of Education to the effect that, Vice Chancellors of Federal Universities who are rounding up their tenures, should handover their responsibilities to the next most senior deputy Vice Chancellor of the university, in line with extant regulations governing the administration of Federal Universities, which stipulate that the Vice Chancellors are not to remain in office beyond their designated terminal dates”.

The circular clarified that, “This measure is to ensure a smooth and seamless transition in the leadership of the universities, thereby maintaining the requisite stability and continuity for the effective administration and academic performance of the various institutions”.

The circular reguested the outgoing Vice Chancellors to ensure that a detailed handover report documenting key activities, ongoing projects, university assets, financial statements, and any other pertinent information, forms part of the handover process.

‘Please note that the Federal Ministry of Education and your respective university senates must be duly notified of your handover before the terminal dates”, the circular emphasized.

“The Federal Ministry of Education appreciates the contributions of all outgoing Vice Chancellors and anticipates your cooperation in ensuring a smooth transition process. This directive is effective immediately and compliance is mandatory”, the circular stressed.

The term “outgoing” typically implies that someone is nearing the end of their term, position, or appointment. In the context of a 5-year appointment, it could be argued that the minimum period that can be described as “outgoing” is around 6-12 months before the end of the term.

This is because: 6-12 months is a reasonable timeframe for a transition period, allowing for a smooth handover of responsibilities and completion of ongoing tasks – at this stage, the individual is likely to be wrapping up projects, training a successor, and preparing to leave their position.

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