By Waziri Isa Adam


It is on record that before the foray of General Muhammadu Buhari into politics, no Politician in the history of Northern Nigeria, including the late Sardauna, the then Premier of the northern region, enjoyed the cult-like love and following the outgoing President enjoyed.

But, regrettably, he is leaving the Aso Villa, in few days’ time, as one of the most hated commanders that lost his loyal troops in a failed battle to save his nation and humanity.

He is leaving as someone who has lost the tremendous goodwill he had enjoyed, and which gave him the mandate to preside over the destiny of the country and it’s citizens.

This is so because it is on record that people that never voted in their lives came out for the first time, in 2015, to vote for the General – turned – Politician.

People that never ever made any financial donation to any Politician, including an old woman in Kebbi state who was widely reported to have donated her life savings from the sale of Akara to the General to support him to become their president, all, with the hope that the General was going to make Nigeria better in all ramifications.

Such People are not only disappointed today, but, are full of regrets because their last hope on a man who was presented to them as an Angel or Messiah has been dashed.

Majority of Nigerians today believe that the country is worst off, in every sense of the word, and it’s citizens have been made to taste bitter or unprecedented difficulties and hardships, as their reward for helping to make the General their President for eight consecutive years.

Even though, at the same time, there are some people who became stupendously rich, because of their loyalty or affiliation, in one way or the other, with the President or with the cabals that were truly in charge of his government. For such people and their beneficiaries, PMB is, and will remain the best thing that ever happened to Nigeria.

However, wether PMB is the best or worst thing that ever happened to Nigeria, to me, and I believe to several others, he has committed a number of Palpable Sins that many Nigerians can never forget or forgive him for. May be it was in recognition of some of these sins that he was recently prompted or adviced to appeal to Nigerians who he offended, to forgive him.

These sins, in my opinion as a victim of the most grievous of them, and in recognition of their eternal effects on governance, are what have prompted me to draw the attention of P-BAT to, not because he is unaware of them himself, but because of my earnest desire to see him succeed where PMB has failed.

For P-BAT to therefore succeed, he must avoid these sins, if he is truly committed to saving the Nigeria project.

P-BAT must do things differently and independent of PMB’s style of Governance.

PMB is widely seen today as a leader who lacks humanity and the basic know-how reguired to lead a country; and this, coupled with his inherent bizarre and aberrational attitudes, may have contributed in his failure to deliver on his campaign promises and constitutional expectations.

“If P-BAT wants to succeed, be remembered and celebrated by peace loving and discerning Nigerians, before, and at the end of his tenure, he must be Godly, and must respect the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in the discharge of his functions as the country’s President”.

These 20 Palpable Sins which PMB was notorious for, include, but not limited to:

1. Abuse of Rule of Law.

2. Tolerance/Accomodation of Terrorists, their sympathizers, direct and indirect financiers and Ideoloques in his government.

3. Flouting of Court Orders.

4. Nepotism.

5. Use/Support for religious politics.

6. Division and Balkanisation of Principled Unions such as ASUU.

7. Application of Selective Justice.

8. Disdain for adherents of other faiths.

9. Tolerance/Accomodation of murderers and Culprits of Genocides in his government.

10. Accommodation of betrayers and non-respecters of leaders, elders and benefactors in his government.

11. Accommodation and financial support to excommunicators and Pro-blood splitting Clerics.

12. Acting the script of foreign countries that are detrimental to Nigeria’s cohesion, unity and peaceful co-existence.

13. Rekindling of intra and inter religious hatred and animosity which often leads to needles and avoidable bloodshed.

14. Nationalisation of poverty and hunger as a result of bad or ill-conceived policies.

15. Destruction of confidence and trust among age long political allies.

16. Inability or deliberate refusal to address problems that trigger agitations for secession.

17. Identification with, and empowerment of Pro-violence religious sects or groups.

18. Interference in intra and inter religious disputes that are doctrinal, but resolvable through peaceful and scholarly engagements.

19. Frequent, wasteful and self-serving trips, while neglecting important domestic exigencies requiring his presence and attention.

20. Refusal to sincerely and commitedly engage agitators or leaders of secessionist movements in the country to dialogue with them with the view of finding enduring peace, stability and unity in the country.

I am sure, as night follows day, that If P-BAT follows this advice, history will document his name as a better and patriotic leader and achiever than PMB.


Waziri Isa Adam

Publisher of Education Monitor Group of Newspapers

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