Competence was not why NIGHT WALKER chose Shettima. That would amount to insulting, denigrating and condescending on Christians who reside in the North. Is Shettima more competent than Boss Mustapha?

Shettima was chosen because what and all they care about is winning the next presidential election. They have emphasized it that winning by all means is the ultimate and not who compliment the ticket. Who brings the votes is more a priority to them than the stability of the country.

They exploited the division between the Hausa and Igbos and took advantage of the fact that an average northerner will never vote for a Christian in their domain. That is an insensitive road to thread. And we talk about a united Nation. One Nigeria? Where and how? A country to heal?

And it is most unfortunate, and disturbing that TINUBU everyone thought was a nationalist, is not after all. He doesn’t care the mental health of the country, he doesn’t care the fracture and division that would greet his pronouncement, so long his age long ambition is met.

And it is not just Tinubu, people have thrown sensitivity to the wind. They brag about the marriage as it seem, shouting competency like a woman in labour, but won’t want same if the table is reverse.

Boss Mustapha

Did Tinubu consult critical Christian stakeholders in the North especially? But typical of the expected arrogance, he went after all and made his pronouncement. Unmindful of the sentiment of Christians, especially those in the North. He’s the master strategist and a good chemer.

Let me say this, 2023 election is not about Yoruba/Northern Muslim Vs Igbos, Northern/Southern Christian.

APC has shown too great indifference towards Christians, and even when Christians don’t have qualms about it, the level of attacks on Christians without serious relative or corresponding response from government makes them a planned marriage. So the elections would take a colouration that would create more distrust, more division and more suspicion for years to come.

Of the top 4 elective positions in the Country, the vice president, that only acts in the absence of the president is the only Christian candidate, and it was this Tinubu that made it so. He tested the aggregate and because people didn’t raise opposition, he got away with it.

The next top 4 positions, SGF, AGF, Chief justice, Minister of Finance and Defence, went to Muslims, only the SGF happens to be the only Christian. There’s nothing wrong with this permutation. But resultant effects of the actions of these people are why people believe the prejudice and racism, and thus call for balance.

CAN President

When you look at the configuration and what Christians are facing and going through, you may think the intentionality of the arrangements.

Tinubu, having chosen this path has only one strategy, weep the ethnic sentiment in the south, create more division between the Igbos and the Yorubas to drive home his mandate. But it may come at cost, either a loss, or he may win the battle but lose the war. He may win the election but lose the country. It will be a pyrrhic victory.

He can’t wise or sense his way to victory. The country is not healthy enough for such acceptance.

Some things are sacred to us. And that sacredness is the true vital essence of our Nationhood. The sanctity of our religiosity must not and never be undermined. That is what Tinubu has done with his sense of arrogance, false and entitled superiority.

Saying his Wife is a Pastor to further advance his religious tolerance is a travesty to cajole and deceive those who are ahead of them in thoughts and knowledge. And that is foolishness. The law does not give a wife any responsibility other than a space of companionship in the villa. And Tinubu can decide to marry another. Who would stop him?

The coming days shall be revealing!

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