• Advices TETFund to Limit it’s Intervention Role to it’s Core Mandate
  • Asks the Fund to Sustain Telling it’s Story to Educate Beneficiaries of it’s Laudable Achievements
  • Urges the Fund to Educate Public on Why it’s Impossible to Support Private Varsities
  • Advices the Fund to Ensure that it’s Social Media Platforms are more Active, Must-Visit

By Oluwaseun Akinlade

Both Resource Persons and Participants of a Two-Day workshop organized by the Tertiary Education Trust Fund in Abuja, Monday (28/02/2022),  on the Theme, “Enhanced Media and Perception Management Course”  rated the Fund high in the area of the execution of it’s intervention role in the nation’s tertiary institutions.

The Resource Persons – Dr Safiya Adamu, Dr Charles Alfred Mrs Juliet Ukanwosu, and Wing Commander M.I. Suleiman, however adviced the Fund to limit it’s intervention role within the core mandate of it’s establishment, for it to make maximum impact.

They also advised the Fund to evolve positive and result-oriented strategies to keep key stakeholders, beneficiaries and the public, abreast of it’s laudable, pace-setting and unprecedented achievements in the nation’s tertiary institutions.

The Resource Persons also advised the Professor Bogoro-led Agency to come out with aggressive campaign to educate the public, particularly government and other stakeholders on why it is not possible to extend it’s intervention role to private Universities which are established by mostly business people with the primary objective of making profit.

Wing Commander Suleiman (Rtd) who addressed participants of the workshop on “Understanding the Communication Ecosystem”, identified lack of visibility of the Fund on Social Media Platforms as the only area it needs to improve upon, considering the good work it is busy executing all over the country.

He opined that considering the popularity of TETFund, it’s best and leading students’ support services, millions of Nigerian students and their lecturers in public tertiary institutions, vast majority of whom are internet and social media users, it’s social media sites are supposed to be the must visited and must liked with the highest traffic or number of followers in Nigeria.

The Resource Persons said as one of the only  functional government agencies that has touched the lives of millions of students and the entire education sector directly and indirectly,  TETFund should fish out all beneficiaries of it’s intervention efforts, who are today found in all segments of the country, for the world to know the impact of the Agency, and to also ask them to support the Fund in any area of their influence, for it to continue to add value in its mandate area.

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