By Muhammad Muntazar

The Chairman of Ahmadu Bello University branch of Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), Professor Rabiu Nasiru, has faulted the recent termination of appointments of all Contract and Visiting lecturers in the University, saying the decision is counterproductive as it will have adverse consequences on departments that have shortage of experienced and skillful Lecturers.

In a chat with Education Monitor, the Chairman said eventhough such appointments were abused in the past, but jettisoning the whole initiative which was meant to add value to the University, particularly departments that had shortage of highly experienced manpower may do more harm than good.

When asked why the Vice Chancellor did not consult the Union before taking the decision, the Chairman said it is not mandatory for the management or the Vice Chancellor to consult the Union on any decision or matter, because there is no such provision either in the University laws or laws of the Union.

He said, “But if the management or the Vice Chancellor decides to consult the Union on any issue, then, as patriotic and passionate stakeholders of the University, we will not hesitate to advice appropriately”.

The ASUU strong man however said eventhough he personally approached the Vice Chancellor immidiately after decision to terminate the lecturers’ appointments was taken, to register the Union’s dissatisfaction over the decision and pointed out to him where it may be harmful to the system, but the VC told him that it was not his own decision, but Council’s.

Professor Nasiru however told Education Monitor that it is even in the best interest of the Union that the University Management takes decision without consulting the Union, because when such decisions turn out to be against the overall interest of the University or the Union, nobody will blame the Union for complicity.

Professor Nasiru said one of the advises that he could recall that he once gave the Vice Chancellor is that he should ensure that he does not appoint People that are anti-ASUU, so that they do not give him advice that will set him on confrontational path with the Union.

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