Doors equipped with thermal cameras designated for worshippers to get access

Saudi authorities have allowed worshippers to perform prayers on the roof of the Prophet Mosque in the holy city of Medina.

The General Presidency of the Prophet’s Mosque Affairs has given the worshippers access to the roof to attend the congregation prayers of Fajr, Maghreb, Aisha and Friday while observing precautions against the coronavirus, according to an official.

The mosque roof can handle nearly 10,000 worshippers.

“The roof of the mosque has opened for whorshippers since Thursday while putting precautionary measures in place,” Eng. Fahd Al Oufi, an official at the General Presidency said.

Seven-month suspension

He added that a number of doors, fitted with thermal cameras to check people’s temperatures, have been designated to allow the worshippers to reach the roof.

In October, Saudi authorities allowed worshippers to return to pray in the mosque after a seven-month suspension prompted by the global coronavirus pandemic.

In recent weeks, the kingdom has seen a significant drop in the daily virus infection rates.


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