By Muhammad M. Isa

Russian president orders officials to hire more staff to deal with pandemic as daily cases rise by record 2,558.

The coronavirus situation is getting worse in Russia, President Vladimir Putin acknowledged on recently, adding that the Defence Ministry’s resources, such as assistance by military medical staff, would be used to tackle the crisis if needed.

Putin, who was speaking at a meeting with senior officials broadcast on state television, said the situation was constantly changing and that the next few weeks would prove decisive in its battle to halt the contagion.

He said preparations must anticipate “any possible scenarios, including the most difficult and extraordinary”.

Putin ordered officials to recruit additional personnel from universities and medical schools.

Russia earlier reported a record 2,558 daily rise in coronavirus cases. At least 148 people have died with the virus.

Moscow, which is tightening lockdown measures with mandatory passes for travelling around the city, accounted for about two-thirds of all cases.

Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova reported to Putin that Russia had 40,000 hospital beds for COVID-19 patients and plans to increase the number to 95,000. She said infections have been growing steadily by 16 percent to 18 percent a day.

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