A bombshell petition has been submitted to the incoming Governing Council of Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), accusing the Vice Chancellor of corruption, nepotism, abuse of office, and maladministration.

The petition, submitted by Waziri Isa Adam, alleges that the VC has been engaged in embezzlement, nepotism, and other forms of corruption, compromising the integrity of the institution.

“The allegations are staggering, and the evidence is damning,” said Waziri, adding that “We demand a comprehensive investigation and urgent action to restore the integrity of ABU”.

The petition also expressed regret that the VC has resorted to sponsoring faceless and fictitious writers in the social media to discredit the age long established and cherished reputation of the university, all, in the name of fighting one person, rather than addressing whatever allegation/s or grudge/s the Vice-Chancellor holds against him, through official channels.

“This shameful tactic which is simply meant to create fear in me, to discourage me from releasing my very rich and documented evidences of the VC’s record of maladministration in his 5 years’ stewardship, is also meant to create a toxic atmosphere of fear and intimidation on campus,” Waziri said.

The VC’s loyalists should also be investigated for alleged perpetuation of culture of corruption and impunity.

The partition further demanded a thorough investigation into records and activities of the VC’s loyalists in the offices they held in the past and the ones they are currently holding in the university.

Stay tuned for further updates as this development continues to unfold

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