China’s Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr Qui Jian Chun has expressed that his country was passionate about exploring viable areas of partnership, keenly amongst which was interest in nuclear energy in Nigeria and more specifically Kogi state.

Mr Chun noted that his key interest as the Ambassador was to facilitate China’s investment and also utilize China’s technology for the benefit of Nigeria and certain states like Kogi, opining that Nuclear Energy would further attract investment to the state, improve its infrastructure, tax revenue, job creation and attract vast social economic developments.

The Ambassador who was accompanied to the Kogi State Government House, Lokoja on Monday by delegations from the China National Nuclear Cooperation (CNNC) noted that he was hopeful that the meeting would birth a historical moment, where the CNNC could be able to establish one of its two Proposed Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) in the state.

He mentioned that China was a leading reference in areas of modern infrastructures amongst the international community and that although both countries had an existing relationship with so much achieved, states like Kogi could benefit from China’s vested interest in modern infrastructure, Information Communication Technology, industry, Investments and import/exports opportunities.

Mr Chun asserted that he was hopeful that China which was the world’s largest consumption market could in the nearest future have a policy where Nigeria particularly states like Kogi could export more products into the Chinese Market.

The China Ambassador pledged to establish a department of Nuclear energy at the Confluence University of Science and Technology, Osara and other institutions as part of plans to nurture local breed in the field adding that the Kogi government should similarly encourage and facilitate some of its young Engineering talents for exchange programmes in the country.

While fielding questions from their Presentation, representatives of the CNNC revealed and emphasized that nuclear energy was a safe technology for humans, plants and the environment.

Governor Bello in his address while thanking the Chinese Ambassador, Mr Chun for finding Kogi State worthy of such recommendation added that the meeting was between two sincere governments who were both interested in the advancement of the people.

He said that after their presentation his government was so enthusiastic to internalize their plans and was willing to foster the relationship with the Chinese government by engaging in every discussion in the interest of the people of the confluence state.

The Governor guaranteed the Ambassador and the CNNC team that their relationship with the state would be different from any other asking that the state would be glad to have a stronger tie with China.

He urged the country not to relent in sharing their wealth of experience with the Nigerian nation in areas where the country was currently facing temporary difficulties.

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