By Zainab Atinuke Zakariyya

The Israeli government is proposing to compel Saudi Arabia, her allies in the Muslim (Middle)  East, and her arch-enemy, Iran, to pay the Zionist regime  hundreds of billions of dollars as compensation for it’s seized or lost property in Medina during the lifetime of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad (SAW) etcetera.

Plans to press for the compensation was released by, contained in a  leaked report being prepared by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The report is a 100 US dollar project handled by Israel’s experts in International Law, History, and Geography at the Universities of Bar Ilan and Beersheba, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Haifa.

The report, according to the blog, seeks to request or compel Saudi Arabia to pay Israel the compensation of more than one hundred billion dollars for the property of Jews in the Kingdom since the time of the Prophet, Peace be upon him.

The Netanyahu government is also asking the Iranian government to pay Israel 100b US Dollars as compensation for alleged dead and missing Iranian Jews inside Iran without knowing their fate to this day.

Israel is also demanding Bahrain to pay her billions of dollars as compensation for the property of Jewish families who used to live in Manama.

According to the leaked report, Israel is currently preparing, through the Director-General of the Property Department at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a bill that will be presented to the Knesset, which will oblige the Israeli government to demand Egyptian Authorities to return the property of Egyptian Jews who left various Egyptian Cities starting in 1948. In preparation for putting them on the table of international negotiator, in the event of pressure on Israel for the Palestinians right of return.

The bill calls for Egypt, Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, and Bahrain for compensation for the property of 850,000 Jews, worth 300 billion US dollars, to be divided among themselves according to the last population census of the Jews in 1948.

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